10 Reasons why Puji Furniture gets the TSS Business of the Month award for June 2015

1. Because any ethically minded shopper with an eye for design will relate to owner, Jimmy Ioannou’s designer-head and to his dream (that came a reality) of manufacturing and selling exclusive and distinctive home decor ranges using eco-friendly materials

A beautiful and unique hand made reclaimed teak bowl suitable for decoration or serving fruit/vegetables.    Before use we recommend oiling this product with a natural olive oil or food safe oil.    *This is a Limited Edition piece. Each product is handmade and will vary slightly in design and shape. #teak #limitededition #bowl #handmade #serving #
bowl made from reclaimed teak

2. And because the business sources beautiful looking rustic and weathered wood, that has been reputably reclaimed and recovered in Indonesia, and then reused to make new furniture items for Puji

Our reclaimed teak

3. And for realising that Teak is a natural material that does not shrink, move or crack easily so it is extremely durable

A contemporary reclaimed teak dining table with solid panelled legs cleverly inset to give diners the maximum amount of seating space.
A contemporary reclaimed teak dining table with solid panelled legs


4. Let’s take a few  moment to appreciate the preciousness of  reclaimed teak material

Reclaimed Teak - detail from "Jepara" Wall Art #teak #wood #reclaimed #natural
Reclaimed Teak

5. And while we acknowledge that Jimmy is very hands-on, we like it even more that he places such high value on the crafting skills of his employees working in Java

Reclaimed teak, All exclusive Puji products are handmade in Indonesia by local craftsmen #handmade #ecofriendly
furniture pieces being handmade by a local craftsman in Indonesia

6. Because we are able to seek out unique pieces, for ourselves, by visiting the professionally styled showroom in North London which does its very best to showcase wood products and much, much more in furnishings and other home decorative items for the UK market

Puji Showroom- North London, UK
Puji Ltd Southgate LONDON N14 5EJ

7. And that this is a web retailing business for UK purchasing that offers a delivery service, alternatively a Click and Collect option from the London based warehouse

8. And because this independent company offers an interior design service and will manufacture bespoke pieces for the home and garden geared to personal specification

Rosenqant-Outdoor Interior Project

Rosenqant-Outdoor Interior Project – Bespoke

9. And who also build and supply commercial furniture pieces for use in a wide range of settings, for example: offices, hotels, restaurants, pubs, bars, cafés, spas and beauty salons, in Teak and in other woods including: Elm, Mahogany, Oak and Mango

The Laboratory Health & Spa #bespoke #spa

The Laboratory Health & Spa – Bespoke commercial

10. And the tenth reason is that this firm is celebrating its tenth anniversary this month with a 10 day giveaway

10 year anniversary

competition details can also be found on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pujifurniture and @pujifurniture on Twitter


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