Review of QUICK-STEP IMPRESSIVE Saw Cut Oak Grey Laminate flooring and QUICK-STEP UNISOUND combifloor underlay 

Q: Can I use laminate flooring in the bathroom?

TSS Explores, Explains, and Evaluates



1. QUICK-STEP IMPRESSIVE Laminate flooring. For use as floor covering in buildings according to the manufacturer’s specifications

Fully resistant to water and other liquid exposure and is anti-static

Designs have the look and feel of wood

Available in packs (7 planks per pack)

Each plank measures: Length: 138 cm – Width: 19 cm – Thickness: 8 mm
Coverage per Box: 1.835 m²

Finish:  Saw Cut Oak Grey (and is one of 16 authentic designs ranging from classic to reclaimed wood styles)

Genuine V Groove

25 years warranty

Easy to clean

Matching accessories available


2. QUICK-STEP UNISOUND Combifloor Underlay. Drum sound reducing underlay for laminate flooring


Reflection sound reduction: ***
Transmission sound reduction: ΔLW=19dB
1 roll: 15m²
Thickness: 2mm
QUICK-STEP UNISOUND Combifloor Underlay


Active in over 100 countries

Buy online directly from the official Quick-Step webstore (supply only) Home delivery is free for orders over £300. FIND a local installer if required


Buy from a local flooring dealer FIND  who will offer supply only, or installation at a cost



LAMINATE IMPRESSIVE IM1858  19.99 £ / m² VAT incl.

QUICK-STEP UNISOUND Combifloor Underlay from around 59.99 £/per roll VAT incl.

QUICK-STEP IMPRESSIVE Laminate flooring – Saw Cut Oak Grey


Quick-Step flooring is designed, manufactured and produced by Belgian company UNILIN. In 1997, the  company invented the ‘UNICLIC’ Click System. Patent is Uniclic® installation system. Quick-Step went on to create the first laminate floor suited for damp areas such as bathrooms in 2007. Impressive laminate is Quick Step’s latest product, launched 2014 as the first 100% water resistant laminate on the market, (use with a recommended Quick-Step underlay).  No sealant required. Promotional materials state that  this range, and the Impressive Ultra, is the most waterproof laminate flooring ever produced because of the water-repellent ‘HydroSeal’ coating.


The conceptual thinking behind the Impressive range was to design wood look flooring offering a warm feel underfoot as an alternative to the clinical appearance of shiny floored bathrooms. Below is a part quote from a longer interview where Design Director Oke Nollet and R&D Director Laurent Meersseman  explain how Quick-Step’s Impressive and Impressive Ultra laminate came into being.

Q: Why did you set out to create the Impressive and Impressive Ultra range?

Laurent: :“We wanted our new laminate floors to be fully resistant to exposure to water and other liquids. So we developed a technology that presses the floor’s joints into the surface layer during production. And on top of that, a HydroSeal finish keeps out the tiniest drop.” Oke: “But pressing the joints into the floor surface also adds to the sleek, realistic look of the Impressive range. Colour variations blend into the joints, while the planks’ wood grains seamlessly merge into the floor surface. After all, creating an authentic wood look for laminate flooring was of the utmost importance to our design team. In addition, we wanted to create a series of realistic designs that really stand out. That’s why every Impressive floor comes with a different bevel, geared to the unique look and feel of each floor design.”

Q: How did you turn these concepts into the realistic laminate planks in the Impressive collection?

Oke: “For starters, it all comes down to finding the perfect model, the original timber that serves as a basis for the Impressive laminate floors. The look and feel of the planks that we select need to be absolutely impeccable. And when we treat the real wood planks — with oil, lacquer, etc. — scan and edit them, our designers take nature as their guide. We make sure to create the perfect balance when it comes to knots, cracks and colours.”

TSS says:

The Unisound Underlay is a superior product because is very effective in absorbing the sound of the foot fall, which is an important consideration when it comes to upper level rooms where bathrooms tend to be situated in the home. Unroll as you go, cutting into lengths required, you attach a polythene edge to a self adhesive band each time for a snug fit.

While Quick-Step has always been the most innovative of companies, Quick-Step IMPRESSIVE laminate demonstrates how the design factors particularly, have really made this range fly. Fitting Quick-Step flooring, using the tool kit items (block and hammer) to install the floating floor is always tight work but this is not a negative really because the tighter fit makes the completed job as best as it can be. This range allows for the kind of general bathroom use of splashing and pitter-pattering of wet feet across the floor’s surface. Bath and body product spills will not spoil or damage the finish, plus it can withstand a regular microfibre type mopping to clean, but ensure any mop head is only dry or slightly moist and not wringing wet.



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