Three from the ArtDeco Celebration Make-Up Collection

Art Deco

Art-Deco-greyfor the lips: Magic Fix (£9.10) – A top coat for locking your lipstick firmly in place. Boxed and packaged in a tiny opaque glass bottle, with a screw top, with a small wand brush which remains suspended in the clear solution until all is used up. The liquid has a strong scent which falls somewhere between having a chemical and a natural, sweet fragrance. The brushing is very fine and tickles slightly when applying, the lips tingle and a slight stinging sensation can occur momentarily.  Dries almost immediately.  Having applied the Magic Fix there is no taste evident on the lips, and the lipstick becomes waterproof and smudge-proof and stays put for a fair while even after eating/drinking. Ingredients include Bergamot and Lavender oil to give calming effects and should not be the cause of any excessive drying of the tender skin of the lips  8/10

magic fix



for nails: Ultra Quick Dry Top Coat (£7.35) – use in a well ventilated room – Application is smooth, with no mess, and dries quickly. The packaging is very good. Testers are assured in verifying the following:

‘Ultra Quick Dry Top Coat will dry your nail lacquer within one minute sealing in the colour and protecting nails from premature chipping. It also leaves a glossy, professional finish. Formaldehyde-free and dermatologically tested, the product is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin’  9/10Quick Dry top coat


Art-Deco-sepiafor the eyes: High Precision Liquid Liner 01 Black (£14.15) – This item has a pen-like brush made of fine fibers which can help with eye artistry, but, in the main, is a tool for creating  and drawing fine black lines around the eyes. The High Liquid itself has a long-lasting formula containing carbon black pigments which gives the user the potential to create an intensive, dramatic look, or will simply add subtle definition to the eyes – whichever is preferable.  Is fragrance-free,  and tester 1 (with sensitive eyes) reports that she experienced no irritation when trialing. Also Available 03 Brown. Our best product from the three on trial.  Recommended. 10/10liquid liner Art Deco

ARTDECO is available at and also at selected Debenhams Stores, Pharmacies, Beauty Salons and Spas in the UK and Ireland





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