Featuring Ten Exhibitors from this year’s Festival of Quilts Show, NEC, Birmingham UK

Upper Street Events are organisers of Europe’s leading patchwork and quilting show at the NEC, Birmingham UK – The Festival of Quilts 2015.


Featuring just ten carefully chosen exhibitors that myself (tss editor, Debra Hall) and my two expert sewing friends engaged with on the day. In fact, never underestimate the effectiveness of the blogger in a press role, online communications such as this one can be more far reaching than anything appearing in hard copy print!

If you are a business or individual interested in stocking or purchasing anything from those listed below, then get in touch directly the links are there, I am sure the owners will be very happy to receive your enquiry. Comments are welcomed from anyone featured who may feel inclined to offer more detail about there business or craft.

And my apologies to those with stalls from the front side because due to time constraints was unable to get around to all of the companies selling fabrics and threads, sewing accessories and kits, art supplies, and much, much more.

If any of the 300 or so FOQ 2015 exhibitors would like their business profiled or any of their product reviewed in full please email admin@tss-mail.com for the address to send over your samples:

1. Changs D14
Changs has a unique collection of indigo dyed fabrics from China and India (see above). Also selling a selection of Chinese Aprons (see below)Chinese Apron www.changstextiles.co.uk



printed cotton fabric by Lili Fabrics

2. Lily Fabrics I10
A long established family business offering a range of plain and printed cottons and printed jerseys



3. Stitch Witch E24
Here you can buy patterns, complete kits, a variety of threads (see above) and fabric books





IMG_3319 IMG_3313

4. Cool Crafting A56
Crafting and sewing inspirations. Cotton fabrics, kits, trims, buttons etc (no image)

5. The Cotton Patch B21/C19 (The One Stop Patching and Quilting Shop) no image  http://www.cottonpatch.co.uk/



6. African Fabric Shop H41

Dealer in African fabrics, textiles, beads and baskets; and kits inspired by Africa (images above and below) http://www.africanfabric.co.uk/



7. Japan Crafts I46  Japanese fabrics and craft kits http://www.japancrafts.co.uk/ (no image)

DEMO N – Dami Ruiz


8. Dami Patterns and Designs http://www.thefestivalofquilts.co.uk/library/portrait-water-colour

alpaca pom poms from Toft

9. Toft E16 www.thetoftalpacashop.co.uk
Specialists in luxury British knitting and crochet kits

10. Stephanie Redfern Demo H

For 2D Art, textiles, printmaking, mixed media (no image)


by Debra Hall who attended in an official press capacity The Festival of Quilts 2015 at NEC, Birmingham on Friday 08 August. Visit here to view the skills, the colour and the intrinsic qualities of the craft work from the textile artist contributors, and competitors.


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