Profiling filmmaker Brendan Modini

Brendan profile
Media Production Professional Brendan Modini

About Brendan Modini

Shortly after graduating in 2014 Modini travelled to Kenya to work with others as part of a scheme to write and direct his first documentary called Slum Dreams. Modini saw the rest of the year out by travelling around, visiting many countries in an effort to be challenged and inspired by his experiences and to use them to channel his thoughts and thinking in a kind of free minded form of curatorial practice. Gathered content includes the 2015 – Show Reel (see below); the video clips document life at home in Sydney, Australia and of being abroad. Watch it and then pitch Modini as being one who is able to channel his intelligent self expression in his film making

1. a 2015 Show Reel


The following is an example of Modini’s versatility, and it reveals that he has aptitude for putting together content which not only has the best kind of comic pacing, but is visually elegant. For his writing, directing and editing Modini achieved not one, but two, Best Comedy festival awards in this short film where he explores the uneasiness many people have about discussing the subject of organ donation by humorously addressing a serious message in the kitsch style format of the Soap Opera

2. an award winning short film entitled ‘The Vile and the Virtuous’


Brendan Modini has been working as a freelancer to date, if you have enjoyed watching the short films and if you would like to know more about Modini professionally and his interests click  LinkedIn


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