Salted Caramel Milk by Shaken Udder

Being a previous TSS Business of the Month See here it makes us happy to continually keep our TSS readers abreast of Shaken Udder news and of the festival trailer unit’s whereabouts during festival season (two September dates remain) Also, and the real point to this post, is the fact there’s a new flavour edition to the Shaken Udder family, one of a growing range of flavoured milk drinks in bottles/cartons available from major UK supermarkets and online, and not just selling from the milkshake trailer at events

Moo copy

TSS Says This new milk, is a salted caramel blend, and it is, simply, grown-up delicious. Caramelization is the science around that which occurs when you heat up sugar. To avoid using sugar, and to choose, instead, to use something artificial to achieve a caramel flavour would be a wrongful choice (ed’s view). As there is much interest and discussion about the high levels of sugar in food and drink, it is a debate we are never going to ignore when reviewing foodstuffs. So, while acknowledging there is a bold use of golden caster sugar in this new recipe, and this is why this new drink has such a rich sweetness to it, we also believe it is perfectly right that Shaken Udder continually flavour their milk products using only natural ingredients





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