Leading Bath Manufacturer, Carron Bathrooms is TSS Business of the Month for September 2015


Falkirk business Carron Bathrooms have a traceable history back to the eighteenth century. *Its iron foundry situated near to the River Carron manufactured defence equipment for the Royal Navy and so received a Royal Charter. During the Industrial Revolution, when pig iron and wrought iron production was at its height, the company saw continued growth. In 1870, new furnaces and offices were built on the Stenhouse Road. For two centuries the company was associated with major civil engineering projects, including its biggest, the supply of iron rings for the first Jarrow-Howden tunnel construction. The Carron Company Ltd have seen demand for their quality iron castings during two world wars and in peace time for defence, public and private sector customers, while also producing domestic products. The first Carron bath, cast iron of course, was manufactured in 1866! *ends*

celsius oval

Made in Britain
Time and time again, when researching businesses, we learn of British companies (those with long manufacturing histories and having enjoyed established reputations) falling into receivership during the 1980s, because of the new economic policies that were being implemented. This was a changing time which resulted in a fast decline in exports and a flood of imported goods which it made it near on impossible for commercial businesses to compete. Business for many UK based manufacturers was suddenly untenable.

carron factory
Carron Bathrooms is now one of three individual businesses,formed from the original Carron Company. Where so many quality brands saw their manufacturing moved abroad (due to international takeovers or in an effort to cut production costs) Carron Bathrooms remained at its early location and the old clock tower and other artifacts are still present on the Carron site today.

quantum integra
Quantum is one six bath ranges available

Carron Bathrooms is a counter example from those well known British brands who now operate from factories in the Far East, and who may only have a Sales and Marketing presence in the UK. Often these companies have long ago been severed from their heritage line, but choose to use unchanged logos and marketing techniques which can confuse consumers into thinking that products are made in the UK, and that their product is the same as it always was – designed to last, with high QA and quality control to boot. Whereas Carron are so confident in the strength and quality of their Carronite™ technology that they offer a 30 year manufacturer warranty!

The Made in Great Britain Campaign Ltd

Carron Bathrooms are still a top manufacturer of high end bath products that are ‘Made in Britain’; said to be the biggest player in Europe in fact. Carron Bathrooms is a member of British Made Marque, a not-for-profit organisation called Made in Great Britain Campaign Ltd. their mission statement is this:

‘To be the definitive Made in Britain campaign, endorsed by government, supported by manufacturers and recognised by consumers, at home and abroad’

made in britain
Members use the logo ‘marque’ as a symbol of trust for customers in the UK and worldwide, also to draw attention to UK made goods, or to act as affirmation that a final, substantial change has taken place in the manufacture, in Britain, before sale.


Social Responsibility and Community Champions
This year, 2015, is the fourth year the fundraising team at Carron has supported the work of the local Children’s Hospice, Children’s Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS). June saw the end of a four month charity drive when a team of Carron employees (plus one enthusiastic Labrador) scrambled Ben Ledi: the highest hill in the Trossachs, to raise money to support the essential work of the hospice.

Carron Bathrooms continues to sponsor Dunfermline Athletic FC of Scottish League One.

Carronite™ technology
The performance of a Carron Bath product is superior than that of any standard acrylic bath. The Carronite™ technology consists of an unique triple layer enforcement which means the baths are stronger in comparison and the water will retain its heat for longer.

For full details of the bath ranges visit the website

There is much published material available online in the form of instruction videos, plus helpful tip sharing and company news on the Carron blog. Below is a typical instruction video which appears on Carron’s online platforms which demonstrates how to fit a Quantum Integra bath


*Source – Falkirk Local History Society

Image source – Google maps, http://www.carronbathrooms.com/ and Pinterest

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