8 Really Good Reasons why GROHE is TSS Business of the Month for October 2015

Another bathroom manufacturer is our latest Business of the Month. Profiling the mighty GROHE (an industry leader and a powerhouse business) this October, and for a few very good reasons:

because Grohe has an overarching brand promise ‘The GROHE brand stands for perfect water delivery “made in Germany”, offering uncompromising comfort, fun and enjoyment of our planet’s most vital resource. Building on a trend-setting premium product range, unique expertise and target group-oriented services, GROHE presents itself as a global leader who points the way forward for the sanitary market’

because Grohe’s great design, engineering capacity and knowledge within the industry is helping reduce the consumption of water and energy. GROHE states that quality and sustainability is a tradition followed, and that resources used are with a ‘good conscience’. GROHE manufactures taps (faucets) and shower products that are highly innovative and well engineered. New technologies introduced are helping to reduce water and energy consumption, they include The GROHE TurboStat® cartridge which reacts to changes in water pressure on hot and cold supplies to maintain a constant temperature

Martin Weiss, Master of Technology, testing the thermocouple in GROHE TurboStat® cartridges
Martin Weiss, Master of Technology, testing the thermocouple in GROHE TurboStat® cartridges

because Grohe’s great design, engineering capacity and knowledge within their industry is minimizing effort and hard work when it comes to personal usage, maintenance and housekeeping routines. GROHE ‘s product portfolio comprises of bathroom and kitchen taps /faucets to thermostats, drinking water systems, showers and shower systems and so are able to draw on a unique body of knowledge surrounding water, and its effective and efficient use within the sanitary market. GROHE StarLight® for example, is a technology advancement which produces a hard wearing surface so stains and limescale does not build up, so cleaning is made easier; and also GROHE hygiene which is a special coating for bathroom ceramics.

because Grohe’s beautiful and functional designs are making way and bringing about a little everyday luxury, allowing the customer comfort in the home and household enhancements. GROHE is known as being a trend setter. The design is handled in-house by a team of international designers led by award winning designer, Paul Flowers. The wide range of different styles and shapes means that GROHE offers bathroom products to suit any decor and any taste.

grohe Rainshower Shower Sytems


because new technologies are often representational in newly launched sanitary fittings. GROHE has a long history of innovation having enjoyed pioneering achievements in the industry. As well as the technologies already mentioned, recent developments bought to the market include GROHE Whisper®, the GROHE Rainshower®, GROHE CoolTouch®  GROHE Blue® GROHE Light, the GROHE SPA app, GROHE Sensia® and GROHE BestMatch.

GROHE Whisper
GROHE Whisper

because bathroom design is often a top award clincher The GROHE brand has come a long way since tap-maker Nestler started up the Carl Nestler company. GROHE products are distributed in more than 180 countries. The GROHE group comprises of Grohe AG, Hemer, Hamburg and other subsidiaries in foreign markets and is now owned by the LIXIL Group and the Development Bank of Japan. The Company (the Group) its employees and its products have received much recognition and numerous industry award accolades, mainly through shared kind of successes and having reached shared goals. The new Cube range for example, was put forward for the Residential Product category in the prestigious SBID International Design Excellence Awards and very recently it was announced that GROHE has been nominated as a finalist. Will keep our eyes peeled when the Winners are announced on Friday 27 November 2015 at the official ceremony at The Dorchester Hotel, London.

Grohe at ISH


because this global brand demonstrates responsibility. The company’s main support is reflected in the GROHE JAL Academy, which is a training workshop for young people from impoverished backgrounds at the Don Bosco Learning Center in Mumbai. And, in this month, of October, #BreastCancerAwarenessMonth GROHE America, a division of the GROHE Group are running their own Hopeflows campaign to support the work of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF)

Badge Business -of the month

and lastly because people like to read bathroom reviews We really hope you enjoyed reading this one!



TSS Team also votes the Eurostyle Cosmopolitan Bath Range as Product of the Month for October 2015




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