Guest bloggers review new coconut flavoured water enhancers by Stur

Adele S from Surrey tells us ‘I like to relate to the reader so they know I’m being honest‘ so we like it very much when she blog writes for TSS

Adele says: ‘After previously trying Stur products before, they have now launched their new Coconut flavoured range. In 3 flavours; Original Coconut, Coconut & Lime and Coconut & Pineapple. While the original coconut was a bit too intense for my taste, I absolutely love them with the hint of lime and pineapple. The taste of the coconut is overcome slightly by the added flavours and it’s a great addition to water! I’ve always loved the concept behind Stur and with 0g sugar and 0 calories, you can’t go wrong! The small bottles are so perfect for popping in your bag, with 20 servings in each bottle, it will keep you going a while! It certainly makes a change from drinking water and you don’t have to feel guilty about it’

 stur 1

Kirstie W from Sheffield tells us her thoughts about Stur’s new coconut flavours in her usual personable style and includes pictures and recipe tips

Kirstie says:

Stur liquid Water Enhancer is a brand that I was keen to try as I do love water and I try to drink as much as my bladder will let me, but sometimes I do fancy something sweet to go along with it. I have previously had squash but I tend to stay clear from these as they are full of sugar. Stur has 0 sugar, calories and fat – which means you aren’t adding sugar into your diet and wasting any calories by drinking some tasty water. When I first saw the product I was a little put off by the Coconut water as I had tried this before and didn’t like it, I thought it tasted like washing up water and didn’t understand the sudden fascination with everyone drinking it. This however is more of a subtle taste and I loved it with Lime, it was really fresh and upbeat. I did put more than a drop in my drinks as I do like a little more taste but I think that is just more personal preference rather than the flavours.

stur 2

With the Coconut water trend in these products, I think they would be great on a summers day or made into ice lolly pops to cool you down as they are refreshing and limes always remind me of a hot summers day sipping a Mojito, laid next to the pool. This product contains all of your vitamin C for the day so handy if you don’t get chance to pack many vitamins into your diet. It comes in a handy little bottle, so helpful if you pop into your bag for work. One little bottle has an average of thirty servings so can go a long way.

stur 3

Stur also do tea flavours and a Cranberry Pomegranate one, which I am keen to try out. Have you tried Stur before?


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