Labyrinth Board Games

Testing this, the Junior Labyrinth Board Game by Ravensburger is, Adam (aged 8), Abigail (aged 5)  and their parents ‘the testers’. Review written and submitted to TSS by mum, Cheryl

That looks Epic!” cried Adam when we opened the package that arrived, and with some prompting Abigail said it looked “hard but fun“. The game was played 4 times over 2 days.

We liked the instruction, ‘the bravest starts first’. Adam shouted up, and started, with me second, Abigail third, and my husband to be last. I read the instructions and Adam took his turn, but by the time it reached Abigail, we realised that to start with she’d need help, so my husband teamed up with her. She still chose her own moves and gained understanding and more independence as the game went on. By the 4th time we played she set it up, and collected 7 tokens before anyone else had sat down to play, which caused much amusement!

Adam understood the game quickly, though he took some time to think through each move and at one point shouted “Look how clever this move is“, as he moved, then seeing the impact of his move laughed as he realised it was a “Rubbish move.

We enjoyed the game, which is a challenge for adults as well as children. The more it’s played the more fun it becomes, as they learn to foresee the impact of moves, and plan ahead. They will also eventually learn to tactically block each other’s moves, although we haven’t reached that point yet. Of course, with all games, it is most fun when Dad loses, and there was great hilarity when Dad’s ghost got pushed off the edge of the board!

The instructions are clear, and it’s great having the more advanced adaptions to the game, which we used. The board is good quality and easy to set up. The counters are nice, but Adam did point out that “but ghosts can walk through walls!” The only thing which was a little frustrating was that if the squares weren’t lined up exactly the row didn’t push (of course) but this is just the nature of how the game works. I think this is a great game, and each time will bring new exciting challenges for my children. The age range stated is 5-8 years, but I suspect it would continue to interest children older than this, as well as their families. It is suitable for 5 year olds and with a few practice runs they’d be able to play independently.

The final comments from my children after the game were “awesome” and “epic“. Later they said:

“The game was fun, but for younger kids it was pretty tricky. I liked trying to work out what the path would look like when I pushed the pieces. Sometimes you think it’s going to be a good move then it changes everything and it’s actually a pants move.” Adam, 8.

“It was a bit tricky but I like it anyway as I liked pushing the cards with my fingers.” Abigail, 5.


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