Mr Toad At Chatsworth

Chatsworth House is Toad Hall this Christmas!

*When The Toad came home!


IMG_3729 IMG_3740 IMG_3775 IMG_3723

There was panic in the parlours and bowling in the halls,




There was crying in the cow-sheds and shrieking in the stalls. When the Toad— came— home!






When the Toad— came— home! There was smashing in of window and crashing in of door, There was chivvying of weasels that fainted on the floor , When the Toad— came— home!IMG_3770
Bang! go the drums! The trumpeters are tooting and the soldiers are saluting And the cannon they are shooting and the motor-cars are hooting, As the— Hero— comes!

Shout— Hoo-ray! And let each one of the crowd try and shout it very loud, In honour of an animal of whom you’re justly proud, For it’s Toad’s— great— day!**IMG_3780
IMG_3718 copy

*words above are TOAD’S LAST LITTLE SONG! written by Kenneth Grahame – author of the classic novel Wind in the Willows

Mr Toad and Mole

Ratty and Badger

are part of the novelty features for Christmas at Chatsworth 2015

This event runs until 3 January 2016 (closed 24, 25, 26 December and 1 January) full details on the website The ground also hosts a Christmas market with over 100 stalls selling gifts items and specialty type food and drink.




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