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Kicking off the New Year and published in four separate categories including Giftwares and Stationery was TSS Product of the Month for January: Bagabook’s 17TH CENTURY WORLD MAP BRITISH LIBRARY DESIGN (licensed) on a journal cover/organizer with handle.
Recent BAGABOOK company news is that they have launched a special edition – Alice in Wonderland to their collection of book and journal covers. VP Operations explains that as the summer of 2015 was the 150th Anniversary celebrations of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, Bagabook decided to release, under licence with the British Library once again, this exquisite design (figure 1) appearing on quality book/journal covers which tells the famous story and includes those fabulous original illustrations by John Tenniel. Bagabook believes that Alice is set to be amongst one of the hottest topics of 2015/2016, so this a unique gift for all ages & occasions! Details on the Bagabook website

Figure 1
Figure 1

Also available in Blue

Bagabaook Alice Blue Life Style 1000

Bagabook have also generously offered our tssreviewsdotcom readers a special discount of 20% off any purchase of ANYTHING from the website of £25.00 and over. Use the discount code TSS2015 at checkout.

Thank you so much Bagabook!

TSS reviewers have partnered with some big players in the Kitchen and Bathroom (KBB) industry during 2015 relishing the opportunity to communicate a product and to be business story tellers operating in the bloggersphere, continually offering something quite different from that represented in parent style reviews. So these include well known European brands QUICK-STEP FLOORS and GROHE and two British companies namely BRITISH CERAMIC TILES (BCT) AND CARRON.
Listing the flag flying products in the same order now: Quick Step’s IMPRESSIVE LAMINATE FLOORING (Best Product June 2015) GROHE’s EUROSTYLE COSMOPOLITAN RANGE (Best Product Oct 2015) and BCT’s WOOD EFFECT MULTI-USE CERAMIC TILES (Best Product August 2015) and Carron’s QUANTUM INTEGRA BATH (COMPLETE) PLUS SCREEN (Best Product Sept 2015)

☺HOLD THE FRONT PAGE☻ however, because business can be fickle as trends come and go, Wood Effect floors and tiles may still be in style but Quick-Step Floors have turned the spotlight back to vinyl having introduced a new range called Livyn
Quick Step Vinyl
Whereas, BCT’s recent #tileoftheweek introduces a lighter, brighter, sparkle in the form of White Mosaic mixes in a kitchen
tile of the week
As for GROHE they go on to impress us even more having heard that they are one of Germany’s most sustainable major companies of 2015 and have secured a top ranking in the German Sustainability Award 2015 which is such encouraging news
grohe sustainability award
At Falkirk based Carron Bathrooms, there is always so much to admire, press and media communicating is always drawing the attention to their British Made goods that they produce week in week out of such superior quality. Thank you for allowing us to throw a light on yet another year of manufacturing success Carron. Here is our own photograph of Carron bath in situ.

There is always space for foodie representation and critical testing at tssreviews But just one food category award this year. Ta Dah! CHOCOLATE CHIP HOT CROSS BUNS from Morrison’s Bakery earned TSS Product of the Month award for March.
And because we feel the bakery goods at Morrisons takes some beating TSS feels no shame in attempting to catch the reader’s eye and stir up interest this December in Morrisons selection of traditional and not so traditional Christmas puddings Go on act on our recommendation of this Cherry Crowned version

For any gift giving occasion, not just Christmas, the Ravensburger LABYRINTH BOARD GAMES was one of three publishings in the Children’s Toys and Games category this year, and a well deserved Product of the Month for November. A Labyrinth Junior version was reviewed by a guest contributor and her family and it was such a lively read. TSS values the submissions of editorial pieces contributed by others, a different voice doing the summing up on occasion adds a certain vibrancy and keeps the content fresh and flowing. Ravensburger is a regular brand which appears on the review’s site and has received Product of the Month acknowledgement in the last two consecutive years. Below is recommendation Number Two (the Morrison’s Christmas pudding being the other), and it is one of Ravensburger Panoramic Puzzles called World Wonders 16698 Panorama. It is a biggie, 2000 pieces. Suitable for older children to adult. Has all you would expect from a Premium Product and more. Picture is a delight as it takes you across a 2D world of ancient wonders and tiny curiosities, various pairings, groupings and trios of land and sea creatures, butterflies fill the skylines, climate and habitats change as you move backwards and forwards, up and down, compiling the colourful pieces. It is jam packed with detail.

Remaining top products of the year were LIVING NATURALS (Best Product for February 2015) from Cormar Carpets who were jointly profiled as a Business of the Month too, CRUCIAL COMPUTER/LAPTOP MEMORY UPGRADES (Best Product for April 2015) published under Tech Review category as well as the Product Review. The TOWNHOUSE KETTLE (Best Product for May 2015) from the Swan Brand, and a make-up product HIGH PRECISION LIQUID LINER 01 BLACK from ARTDECO (Best Product for July 2015) which goes to prove the beauty of TSS is the breadth of subject coverage we can provide.

AirZoom Pegasus 32 Flash by Nike
Figure 2

Lastly, so pleased to announce the TSS Product of the Month for December 2015 is the AIRZOOM PEGASUS 32 FLASH RUNNING SHOE for Women by NIKE (Figure 2). A seriously good find this winter season, performance wise. This fabric is Weather Resistant and the shoe has reflective detailing for twilight/nightime running, or when visibility is poor due to atmospheric conditions so will help get you noticed when you’re out there running in the dark. Tester has found for regular 4-5K runs, 2 or 3 times a week, that these are comfortable and that they protect the heels and ankle surrounding tendons/muscles from hard ground impacting.

News received from Nike today is that there is a whole range of shoes and clothing for winterized running for Men and Women.

The following shots taken from the December Style Guide showing more from the NIKE Womens range:

NIKE trainers


nike running gearnike gear 2

Thank you for visiting this post and in these yearly round-ups we allow ourselves to be uncharacteristically gushing about businesses and the things they make, supply and sell to trade and to the consumer, and to celebrate the TSS blogging year and all of which we deem worthy of receiving our careful consideration and attention across a wide spectrum of business news.

As 2015 comes to an end, all the very best to all for 2016 – be wise, be happy, be safe x



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