Find out what TSS loves about candle brand Sandy Bay London, Our Business of the Month for December 2015

Image Souce: @qvcuk on Twitter – Pictured Sandy Burns Founder and Director of Sandy Bay London celebrating 3 years with QVC (September 2015)



  • Firstly, acknowledging the unwavering professionalism of Founder and Director, Sandy Burns, and her business acumen
  • And we love the cool design elements from across the Sandy Bay London product ranges
  • We very much like the fact the candle product remains ‘fresh’ to the very last burn (keep the wick trimmed short and you will find the paraffin wax does not diminish in any way from its level of high quality)
  • We like also that the packaging and presentation is suitable for both male and female tastessandy bay candle
  • and, of course, we love the evocative fragrances and scent combinations which Sandy has invented
  • we love the dynamics of Sandy’s business and enjoy getting to hear about her work with other working professionals like wedding designers, boutique owners, interior designers, event handlers and much more
  • Liking too, the website retailing and the growing availability of Sandy Bay Candles in independent shops across the UK
    image source: @tvsn Sandy Bay London


  • Also acknowledging that Sandy favours the hands on demonstration of her products in the form of Sandy Bay Candles to global audiences across QVC TV and the TVSN Shopping Network
  • We know that Sandy and her team operate from the company’s base in Essex UK, but we would like to let our readers know that Sandy sees the value in Direct Selling and in networking for business
  • And we also know that for over four years the company have gifted at high profile charity events and has received numerous celebrity endorsements of the high-end candle products
  • We’ve said before Sandy knows her market, so she works with businesses and offers gifting services. Past partners have included exclusivity and membership-only type services, and retailing outlets selling consumer goods for the luxury market. The candles are often seen hand-picked by feature editors and advertised in glossy magazines, and product reviews are always ‘glowing’Sandy Bay candles 1

TSS enjoys ongoing association with Sandy helping her in repeated ways to gain recognition for her hard work for the elegant brand she has created. Our own recently published editorial of a new bathroom refit included a lighted Sandy Bay Home Candle which helped us dress the contemporary room for photographic showcasing (see Figure 1):

Figure 1

We wish Sandy ongoing success with all she does in 2016 and beyond!

sandy bay logo

TSS Business of the Month for December 2015 is Sandy Bay London
TSS Business of the Month for December 2015 is Sandy Bay London

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