knitted nursery 2
ISBN 978-1-78221-317-8

RRP £9.99  

Author Jem Weston
Published by Search Press, Jan 2016

14 knitting projects which include toys, accessories and decorations for babies and nursery room environments


The author, Jem Weston is a freelance designer and a Workshop Tutor for Rowan Yarns. Weston lives in Nottingham UK and in the book’s introduction she reveals that her affection for knitting started at a young age. She says it developed during her time at university and that she was often inspired by traditional crafts in her Fine Art studies
Range of information
The pattern information is presented over anything from 2 pages up to 8 pages depending on the range of detail and complexity involved in the making, this includes photographic imagery, stitch diagrams (charts), materials required and the patterns.  A page of Abbreviations at the rear as well as a thank you from the author to the people involved in ‘bringing the book to life’. There are no step-by-step images of the items in various stages of being made 9/10

Quality of information
You get to work with some beautiful materials which include: Worsted, Merino silk, wool and cotton yarns and there is opportunity to mix fabric/sewing, felting techniques in one or two of the projects. Teaching elements are not in this book, but then there is nothing too technical or fiddly to learn/use with many of the knitting patterns simply requiring stocking stitch or garter stitch know how. Information however, is not hugely comprehensive but is very effective, and intentionally so, as this is NOT a beginner’s book for knitters 9/10

Paperback book is 26 cm Long x 20 cm Wide approx. The text is in large fonts on a white background and are very clear (a real plus point). Each project has a 1 sided page intro displaying the project’s title and just one introductory sentence each time.  The charts cover a full page so are a great visual aid. Some excellent work in pulling together the overall content by Art Editor, Georgina Brant. Contains 94 pages

Each project has a full page photographic image in a staged setting. The project images peppered around illustrate the themes beautifully, yet all photography demonstrates the items in a completed condition only 10/10
elephantsknitted nursery 1
includes creatures to make in soft toy form: elephants, bunnies and a squirrel, also woolly birds and ‘Flutterbies’ for room decorations. Practical pieces and room accessories items include: a baby quilt, felted basket, blankets, a rug, cushions (pillows) and Pom Pom bunting
Conclusion  I get to review lots of craft books of this ilk and I am pleased to say this one contains very little of all that feature writing fluff and nonsense which is refreshing. The photography promotes the projects very well. The project ideas have a wonderful modern take on nursery themes and are quite charming, and there would be a real sense of accomplishment if one is able to reproduce any one of the 14 items to match the quality presented in the book. This is best described as a ‘how to do’ pattern style book for those with some knitting and sewing crafting proficiency. Good value at £9.99. ‘It’s one of the best knitting pattern books I’ve seen for while’ – Debra Hall, reviewer


Look inside here

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