The Coloring Book Craze

Re: #Blogging101 Day Nine

Following Happiness Engineer instructions, I came across the blog The Most Happy. The blog’s author, Lisa, is unknowing that she has taken a BIG part in my assignments of yesterday and today (I’ll message her now to let her now ) In the meantime, please read my comment below as it is self explanatory as to why I the subject caught my eye and then click over to Lisa’s original post about the colouring book fad


I’ve featured the wall decoration sticker book by Johanna Basford on my creative blog before and I liked those a lot. There is no denying that Basford is a an excellent illustrator. As for the colouring books I’m not a fan. Grown ups should swap this activity for simply sitting down and drawing in my view. Just sit down and sketch and doodle that which comes straight out of the imagination, and then maybe add colour to their own designs perhaps. Much more satisfying 🙂

Source: The Coloring Book Craze


4 thoughts on “The Coloring Book Craze

  1. I don’t necessarily agree with your comment 100% as many adults also use these colouring books to assist with their mental health such as dealing with PTSD. I have seen this in use first hand and have found that the exercise acts as a distraction and works quite well. Many people can’t draw and doodling is pretty personal.

    I’m also undertaking the Blogging101 and I’m currently behind in the tasks. Must catch up.


  2. I see where you’re coming from, but I see these adult colouring books as a great and healthy trend. Like you say, it would be better (ideal) if adults just doodled or sketched on their own, but I think that most adults are so far removed from their childhood/natural abilities that they need something like this to kickstart themselves first.


  3. For therapeutic reasons I can really see that the colouring book structure would be a great help to many, but, otherwise, I find it hard to understand what adults can really get out of it creatively. The use of felt tip pens is a particular pet hate of mine, much more tone and depth to designs can be achieved by using pencil/watercolour crayons. And I still strongly believe that anyone can draw independently. As for me, I would be just as likely to illustrate my days in pictures as much as I would do using words


  4. people too often listen to the Gremlin in their head that tells them they they “aren’t” or they “can’t.” Unless it’s perfect you don’t and shouldn’t do art. Blah blah blah. Coloring books are a great start for overcoming the gremlin. Stay in the lines to start, then cross them, then draw on the cover; then keep the crayons and throw the book out. Maybe even find room and go color on the wallpaper.

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