UK Blogger required to guest review

In the office today, I have a new, premium jigsaw puzzle (5oo pieces) that I would like to pass on to a UK based blogger to review. I’m looking for a guest reviewer, a he or she blogger, to submit their words and a couple of quality images, to me, for publication here at tss and for the publishing of the same review to be followed and repeated on the participant’s own blog once it has appeared at tssreviews. Interested?

Details: The puzzle is NEW, sealed and in original packaging, it is entitled An Evening Walk. So sorry, but interest can only be considered from UK based bloggers as I’ve not the budget to cover shipping the item abroad. Please email expressing your interest with Evening Walk in the subject line. The draw will happen in the next couple of days and will be random. The chosen participant will be notified by email and will be required at this point to pass on their full postal address. This call out for participation will also appear on other platforms. Please write between 250 – 500 words and include a couple of pics with your submission. Submission required by February 15



3 thoughts on “UK Blogger required to guest review

    1. hi again Ute, I have a reviewer lined up for this puzzle now, but I see you’re London based and I’m often looking for guest reviewers. Would you be interested in reviewing a jigsaw puzzle in the future and guesting at tss? D.

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