Jigsaw Puzzle Review of An Evening Walk by Ravensburger

“An Evening Walk” is a new 500 piece puzzle from Ravensburger. The puzzle depicts the beauty of Paris at dusk and an insight into Parisian life in the 1950’s. The scene shows an elegant lady walking a poodle through a street in Paris, passing a fruit/flower stall and bars strolling towards the Eiffel Tower. The scene is truly authentic and captures the charm of Paris in this era. I absolutely love the sky blue Citroen 2CV convertible, which truly captures the essence of 50’s Paris. You can rent Citroen 2CV’s for tours of Paris, one for the bucket list for sure. The scene was painted by Dominic Davison and much of his work includes a 2CV.

Never one to turn down a free lunch, I certainly wasn’t going to turn down a free puzzle to both enjoy and review. I’ve always enjoyed doing a puzzle, it first started on a rainy day, my Mum would pull out a puzzle and we would work on it together. This has always stayed with me and I always make sure I take a puzzle on holiday with me in case of a rainy day. I also find it very relaxing to do with a puzzle roll so you can stop and start whenever you choose, especially when like me you do a puzzle at the dinner table and need to stop to eat.

The puzzle didn’t present too much of a challenge, which always leads to a more enjoyable puzzling experience, with 500 pieces usually taking me a few days to complete. This puzzle was easy to complete as there aren’t too many complex textures as the image has so many different elements, buildings, sky and more. I usually start by completing the edge of the puzzle and I concentrated on each area separately, spending a few hours over a weekend enjoying the puzzle. As with all Ravensburger puzzles, the pieces were of a very high quality and fit together perfectly. It took me about 4 and a half hours over two days to complete the puzzle and the finished puzzle is absolutely stunning, the image is striking with a mix of subtle tones and bright colours

Review by guest blogger Kirsty G, from Bury St Edmunds, UK

Photographs to follow.


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