10 reasons why we should give shelf space to Steenbergs Organic


  1. because Steenbergs is an organic and Fairtrade spice business. and is a friendly firm (family run over sixteen years) who places Fairtrade, the environment, and people at the forefront. Primarily selling spices, as well as loose leaf teas (mainly from Sri Lanka and India), and home baking ingredients to business to trade and retail customers
  2. Organic Fairtrade Vanilla Sugar from Steenbergs
    Organic Fairtrade Vanilla Sugar from Steenbergs
Axel and Sophie
Axel and Sophie Steenberg
  • because founders and owners of this North Yorkshire based business, Axel and Sophie Steenberg (The Steenbergs) were the first to be UK licensed to sell spices carrying the Fairtrade Mark, and they continue to add to the range


  1. because Steenbergs Organic is a carbon neutral company and that the business is run out of a purpose built eco-factory in which environmental features have been incorporated such as sun pipes and green energy. The Steenbergs use ‘green’ suppliers wherever possible and their packaging is fully recyclable

steenbergs premises


  1. because Steenbergs Organic range consists of over 400 spices and spice blends and several carry the Fairtrade Mark. The majority are organic, Steenbergs offer the widest organic range available and the company knows of 20 direct organic projects worldwide,  SO Plenty of good, ethically sourced food stuffs to fill those shelves with!
  1. because blends are their own and so many are unique. The blending is undertaken in small batches so that flavours remain intense. Steenbergs also share recipe ideas on their website and via their social media outlets


  1. because Steenbergs provide Fairtrade spices, organic teas, herbs, other spices and cooking ingredients that are packed with flavour and aroma, and quality is never compromisedfairtrade 3


  1. because the packaging used is stylish and functional. The glass jars still very much the core of Steenbergs and look great in a kitchen display
  1. because we’ve reviewed Steenbergs before (see example) we know that this business is nothing short of an online ethically trading supermarket! As well as all we’ve mentioned there are enough culinary, kitchen items, health and beauty/house cleaning products available to more or less do a one-stop household shop. Gift items are also available. Browse their products here

labelling machinestaff pic

  1. because the Steenbergs employ a handful of dedicated staff, and use the same organic/Fairtrade suppliers as well as working with same business contacts at home, all forged from when the business was in its infancy. Loyalty works both ways…always a sign of a good business
Steenbergs Afghan saffron Ghoryan - resized
Steenbergs Afghan saffron Ghoryan
  1. because tss reviewers have been enthusiastic about Steenbergs, and because Steenbergs passion statement says that’ spices are their lifeblood, and ethics are their soul‘,  so we quote the words of Hippocrates as they seem rather apt : ‘food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’ Please say hello and discover for yourselves Steenbergs Organic our TSS Business of the Month for February 2016


steenbergs 1



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