Review of subscription boxes from Boxcitement

About Boxcitement Boxcitement is a UK company and a web based business offering a gift buying subscription service, the website meets the needs of this online business perfectly well, it is professionally presented, user friendly, and secure. You can treat yourself regularly to a complete Boxcitement box or arrange to send to someone as a … More Review of subscription boxes from Boxcitement

Stage Review – The Government Inspector

Bobchinsky and Dobchinsky burst into the civic rooms of a small provisional town somewhere in Russia, far from St Petersburg (that’s an ongoing joke). They have alarming news that their time has come around again for government inspection. The intolerant, uncompromising Mayor is beside himself with worry for the state of the place and how … More Stage Review – The Government Inspector


What’s to know about the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company? Well, apart from the fact it is now known as 3M, there’s so much more. For a start, 3M helped put a man on the moon! Image owned by BNPS – Source: 3M is an American Worldwide Enterprise Multi-Industry company which manufactures products for Business … More 3M – TSS BUSINESS OF THE MONTH FOR MARCH 2016

Combo Apps/iKlips Duo

Sharing an excellent review of the new iKlips Duo originally posted by Tina at Combo Apps on WordPress The brand new iKlips Duo has been rethought, redesigned and re-imagined into something that works even better. With a new Lightning connector that fits almost any iPhone case, a stretchy rubber cap… Source: Combo Apps/iKlips Duo

How I Wear My : Tote Bag

  I wear my Ivory coloured Jane Shilton Effie Punching Pattern Tote Bag with cerise pink and white items from my new spring wardrobe! Now please head over to Everything Just So to see all the other ladies who have joined the monthly How I Wear My blogging theme and are showing their totes. Enjoy!