The Secretary – Ravensburger Puzzle Review

the secretary (1)The Secretary” is a 500 piece premium puzzle. As you open the box you find the 500 pieces securely in a bag also an additional A4 picture of the puzzle picture, so you don’t need use the box with you to complete it. Also included is the artist’s biography and information about the Ravensburger Company.

The picture is a drawing by Trevor Mitchell of a secretary busily at work in a 1960s office. Trevor Mitchell who after attending Art College in Bradford worked for an advertising agency in London in 1979. He then returned to his native Yorkshire where he went freelance. He illustrated greeting cards and found a market for his paintings among publishers of art prints and jigsaw puzzles.

the secretary (5)

The Secretary drawing is a very detailed picture and the colours are vibrant. As an avid puzzler I would recommend this puzzle for beginners, young people or someone with little patience.  Starting with the frame and sorting the remaining pieces into colours this puzzle is fairly easy. The picture has clear lines to follow (the window frame, the doorframe) and many different objects like the coffee tray, the filing cabinet and the 5 plants which can be assembled separately and then put into the big picture.  It is like looking at a puzzle piece and you know instantly where it goes in the big picture.

The Ravensburger’s name means quality and I was not disappointed. The 500 pieces are premium cardboard and glare free quality. I assembled this puzzle in 2 days on my table with the light above me. It has the “soft click technology” and indeed every piece clicks smoothly into one another. Ravensburger Puzzles have the bonus that no two pieces are alike. Instead of just looking at the picture you can also refer to the shape which is really helpful with same coloured pieces.


It was great fun doing the “Secretary” puzzle. It was a bit nostalgic remembering the 60s, smiling along thinking how offices look very different today.


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