What’s to know about the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company? Well, apart from the fact it is now known as 3M, there’s so much more. For a start, 3M helped put a man on the moon!

1960 Mercury Era Spacesuit manufactured by Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company.
1960 Mercury Era Spacesuit manufactured by Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company

Image owned by BNPS – Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2575515/

3M’s headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, United States

3M is an American Worldwide Enterprise Multi-Industry company which manufactures products for Business and for the Consumer. Not bad going for something that was originally a small-scale mining venture, established in 1902, by five founders

3M is fundamentally a science-based company and a global diversified technology giant of a corporate business. 3M’s many technology platforms touch almost every aspect of modern life. Nowadays, the majority of 3M products across the majority of those platforms rely on polymer processing

3M has been creating innovative products which cater for a wide variety of end markets, far too many to mention in a 500 word profile but now follows an interesting list:

Richard Gurley Drew

Image Source – MST

3M employee Richard Gurley Drew (see above) invented masking tape in the laboratory, 1923, and went on to develop a transparent tape based on cellophane, called Scotch Tape. Office supplies, Home improvement and Household products produced by 3M includes many types of adhesive tapes and abrasives

3M Construction: include construction related products such as special films for better insulation, lighting equipment, roofing materials and air filters



3M Responsive Multi Touch

3M Electronics – the company has applied its expertise in RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to deliver biometric passports, and offer many other innovative identity management solutions. 3M also manufactures components for touch-based systems and the company recently unveiled its must vivid and responsive Multi-touch display(s) at the 2016 Digital signage Expo in LA

3M Energy – has a  broad spectrum of products and technologies available spanning the energy industry

Transdermal components

3MHealthcare industry – provides hospitals with infection prevention and detection solutions. 3M manufactures occupational health equipment and drug delivery systems

3M Safety – manufacturing products such as environmental safety equipment, high-performance coatings, and industrial microbiology products re: food safety etc  Also highway and traffic safety equipment various road markers, reflective signage etc.

3m automotive wraps

3M Automotive – automobile abrasives, paints, adhesives, sealants, functional and decorative/functional graphics, bodyshop solutions. Note: back in our first year TSS reviewed a couple of 3M car care products

3M Telecommunications – offers equipment, connectons etc. for the telecommunications industry

3M were employing well over 89,000 people globally at the end of 2015 in many diverse roles, with operations in more than 70 countries; laboratories in 36 countries.

3M takes both its corporate and social responsibilities very seriously

3M has recently been awarded as being one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies for the 3rd consecutive year

TSS says:

“Our BofM researching has revealed that 3M innovation is just about everywhere and that 3M is, indeed, making the world healthier, safer and more productive through the continually advancing and applying their technologies, and when 3M employee, Glendy Thompson was asked how she sees the future of technology we tip our hats to her comment.”

Glendy says:

“My favorite part of technology is the guts of the equipment, like the boards and micro-components that go into making things work. Can you make it faster, smaller or cheaper? Globally, I feel the future of technology is something that we can share openly to benefit society.”

Glendy Thompson





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