Review of subscription boxes from Boxcitement

About Boxcitement
Boxcitement is a UK company and a web based business offering a gift buying subscription service, the website meets the needs of this online business perfectly well, it is professionally presented, user friendly, and secure. You can treat yourself regularly to a complete Boxcitement box or arrange to send to someone as a gift, alternatively, you get to keep some of its contents and re gift other items. The theme changes each month and as far as we see there is a surprise element because there is no prior indication as to what themes are up and coming. Contents are bespoke pieces and will generally be a mix of stationery, jewellery, crafty, home accessory, greetings card and gift wrap items
Subscription service
Buy without subscribing (20 GBP one off box) or Subscribe monthly (18 GBP per month). Save money by purchasing upfront subscriptions for 3 (17 GBP per month) 6 (16 GBP per month) or 12 months (15 GBP per month). The online purchasing experience is relatively straightforward and like most subscriptions, once registered, users buy a one off box or choose and agree to one of the period charges. A payment is acknowledged or a subscription is activated once payment has been received and verified. Acceptance comes within a confirmation via email. You are able to cancel anytime with no obligation.
Postage and Packaging/Shipping
UK postage and packing is included. A Boxcitement box fits through a standard letterbox and the box weight differs very little from month to month. Shipping is Worldwide but goods dispatched to other countries will incur a postal charge and those countries outside of the EU may be liable to Import Duty, Tax or VAT on top


Under review is Boxcitement’s ANIMAL MAGIC, which is theme of the month for March 2016. There was plenty of opinion expressed and friendly debating happening among the TSS Testers, so Editor choosing to publish comments gathered under three headings, Positive comments, Negative comments, and Balanced Observation/Viewpoint because using this format really gives the review legs in this instance:

Positive comments
‘presented nicely’

‘as someone who is arty, and who often buys unique cards for people when I see them, I’d really like this box’

‘I’m sure that (*friend’s name*) would really love to receive this box!’

‘look at all of the work involved in the making and presentation!’

‘the company do discount on stock left of previous themes’

‘the print quality and packaging is really good’

‘I like the propelling pencil, it looks like a standard one with an eraser on the end which needs sharpening’

‘what a good idea for a business, to pool the skills of a small team of people and to make up these boxes of unique designs and handcrafted items. It’s one way of making a success of selling handmade items’

Negative comments
‘generally people do not have money to buy themselves surprises’

‘I’ve seen versions like this from other sellers and they have no appeal’

‘if I were going to treat myself, for the amount of money it costs, it wouldn’t be this’

‘too expensive’

‘these things are a hobby based interest for the makers, and I’d rather spend my money on something else’

Balanced Observation and Viewpoint

‘Supposing that the idea is that you enjoy the pleasures of giving and receiving’

‘Things are quite nice but it is like buying nic nacs for yourself’

‘you are given something at random, so you are given the chance only of receiving something you like’

‘because of the lack of certainty there’s an element of luck involved, so really they have to charge less’

‘I like everything in the box and would use or pass on, all except (*one thing*)

‘Not sure, considering the hard work involved in producing the items, how financially viable this is for the company in the long term, but can see areas where they could branch out’

Hi to TSS Readers follow the link to the Boxcitement Website Take a peek and let’s hear your initial thoughts and opinion on the Boxcitement boxes and the subscription service offered in the form of a comment!


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