Embroidered ‘Australian’ Landscapes – Craft Book Feature

  • Title: Embroidered Landscapes
  • Author: Judy Wilford
  • Publisher: Sally Milner Publishing
  • Edition: Hardback
  • Publication: 18 February 2016
  • ISBN: 9781863514743
  • Size: 210 x 280 mm
  • Pages: 288
  • RRP Price: £24.99 Available at Search Press and Amazon


TSS Says:

Embroider Australian Landscapes in fabric layers and embroidery stitches. An inspiring book for sewing head sorts with artistic leanings: for such people this is a truly wonderful book as a practical guide and as a keepsake item. The book is a lovely thing in its own right and if you have a connection of a love of the land of Oz you will be totally wooed

IMG_4013For us living in the Northern Hemisphere the Boab Tree is an object of fascination, so sharing a descriptively written passage directly from the book:

‘Boabs are a unique feature of the Kimberley Landscape. During the ‘wet’ season creamy, sweetly perfumed flowers and the palmate leaves are produced; these fall at the beginning of the ‘dry’ revealing large, down-covered woody nuts which are edible although very dry. However, fluid squeezed from the spongy fibrous wood of the trunk has slaked the thirst and saved the life of many a bushman in the past’


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