Reviews of MY LOVELY BOOK in Vlog formats

Never had vlogs appear at TSS before!

Here are two reviews of ‘My LOVELY Book’ by two LOVELY guest contributors

The first video post is by Mummy blogger, Becky W from Skegness, Lincolnshire, UK

Becky says:

We have used ‘My Lovely Book’ as a way to document 2016! From snapshots of our week, making plans for days out, capturing doodles from the monsters as they grow. Throughout this doodle book you can cut and glue, make beautiful pictures, pockets, frames and other charming creations. Use your creativity to make lists, make notes, write poems, short stories, diary entries, keep a calendar and add other things to make it yours. You can draw and colour, write and doodle. This is your book, made by you, for you and any other special people you want to share it with. Have fun! – Buy here:…


The second video post is by Mummy and Lifestyle Blogger, Briony S from Tacolneston, Norfolk UK

Briony says

It is no secret that I love stationery, LOVE it. It is one of my top 10 favourite things, above chocolate but below my son. So I was really happy to be sent a copy of My Lovely Book to review. It’s a cross between a journal, an adult colouring book, a keepsake and a notepad. My Lovely Book is the kind of thing that just makes you happy. From it’s beautiful bright yellow cover to all the little things inside it. You can work through it page by page or just flip through it and do whatever you fancy on any given day. It is crammed full of beautiful colouring pages. There are little games and things to do. Places to jot down what has happened during the week. Areas designed for photos and pages for you to cut and stick to turn them into pockets for mementos.There are also the more standard things you’d expect from a journal, spots to write down your holiday plans, shopping lists, favourite quotes and memories.For me it covers so many of the things I love to do, I love to colour, I love to collect little reminders of things, I like to remember snippets and feelings from specific times, it is a bit crafty, very pretty and overall very me. I plan to use mine to document the rest of this year, so I’ll colour it, craft it and fill it in. I’ll write about our holidays and pets. Add pictures of our adventures. Fill the pockets with ticket stubs and leaflets from places we’ve been and then when it’s full I might just get another and do it all again. I think it’s great value for money, it’s £5.99 on Amazon, and would make the perfect gift or treat for yourself. You’ll get hours of fun out of it and then be left with beautiful memories. I’m really impressed with all this has to offer


The Featured image is by Briony


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