ARTDECO Cosmetic Group is TSS Business of the Month for April 2016

asking 5 interview style questions to profile German Cosmetic’s company ARTDECO

Can you define ARTDECO in a few short sentences?

ARTDECO is a leading brand for colour cosmetics and though it is Germany’s number one cosmetics brand there are many more strings to the ARTDECO bow. ARTDECO sells in Canada hugely, and in 15.000 cosmetic institutes, 6.000 perfumeries, 350 exclusive department stores and 150 duty-free shops worldwide. ARTDECO is a favourite choice with make-up artist’s who can fulfill their client’s needs expertly when working in the professional arena, and ARTDECO has repeatedly been voted as the most popular makeup brand in beauty salons. ARTDECO’S main competitors are global brands, so the market is challenging, but ARTDECO combines numerous collections into one integrated concept and so is quite unique in that sense. ARTDECO is relatively new to the UK Mainland but the appointing of new handlers in 2014 means it is beginning to raise its profile here too, however, ARTDECO has been long time present in Debenhams department stores nationwide

Helmut Baurecht Image Souce - The Bild Newspaper
Helmut Baurecht
Image Souce – The Bild Newspaper (2015)

Who founded the company and when?

ARTDECO was founded in Karlsfeld – Bavaria, Germany on July 1, 1985 by Helmut Baurecht. CEO Baurecht is the owner, and a co Managing Director alongside Stefan Neumeyer. Operating from a small premises Baurecht started with just four part-time employees. In the same year ARTDECO launched at beauty salons. The following year (1986) ARTDECO launched in Perfumeries. By 1990 ARTDECO was among the Top 10 in specialist outlets, and in 2001 ARTDECO became the No.1 brand in the selective market in Germany, with, as they say, having a: ‘constant focus on the individual wishes and needs of all women, combined with uncompromising quality and very reasonable pricing’. So we begin already, to get an idea of how this family owned company has grown into a cosmetic group with 1200 employees. Baurecht (Pictured above) was awarded the Beauty World Cup in 2005 for his unique brand concept and the “A Life of Beauty Award” followed in 2007 for achievements in the professional cosmetics industry

ARTDECO Headquarters in Karlsfeld
Where is ARTDECO’s Headquarters?

The head office is still in Karlsfeld, but these days the ARTDECO headquarters is large enough to incorporate all departments. ARTDECO sources carefully selected suppliers and operates its product management functions from here, also logistics, administration, marketing and sales. There is a production company and an advertising agency based in-house too, so ARTDECO offers B2B customers individual display solutions for shops and advertising concepts that can be distinctive

Senses spa

What product lines can you attach an ARTDECO name badge to?

As well as that already mentioned, there are nail, hand, foot care, facial skin-care and spa lines. ARTDECO is also an essential component and finishing touch to other international premium perfumery brands. There are and have been many makeup collections introduced, some with a high quality mineral complex. ARTDECO have worked in cooperation with the Pearle Group and the fashion label Kaviar Gauche and ARTDECO launched a limited Romero Britto collection in 2009 (note: Pop star Britto has been named an ambassador for the Olympic Games in Rio 2016). In 2010 ARTDECO acquired Misslyn And in 2011 Dita Von Teese signed, in Paris, a licence agreement for the launch of a makeup line to her name

Is there animal testing at ARTDECO?

taken directly from the ARTDECO website this is the stance taken by ARTDECO in regard to Animal Testing:

ARTDECO explicitly declines animal testing. Since its foundation ARTDECO has neither carried out nor commissioned any animal tests. Animal testing for decorative cosmetic products has been prohibited under the German Animal Welfare Act since 1986. Tests on animals for all cosmetic finished products have been banned since 1998. A corresponding ban has been in place since March 2011 for cosmetic raw materials as well, which ARTDECO expressly welcomes! Pursuant to this legislation, raw materials developed for use in cosmetics may no longer be tested for compatibility on animals. ARTDECO specifically requests confirmation of its suppliers that no animal tests were carried out. The skin compatibility of ARTDECO products is tested by volunteers in a renowned dermatological clinic. Therefore ARTDECO products can officially be declared as ‘clinically tested’. The application or patch tests (epicutaneous tests) are carried out by voluntary test persons to determine the local tolerance of the products. ARTDECO is against animal testing



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