Layer it on, Don’t Cake it on

After profiling ARTDECO as a recent Business of the Month, choosing now, to take a look at ArtDeco’s Latest Trends in Make-up

MAKEUP Layering  


Available from from Mid May 2016 onwards

Many comparable quality cosmetic brands tend to uphold a capsule range and rarely introduce a new collection, yet ARTDECO (as revealed in the BotM feature), have introduced many MakeUp collections over the years in line with women’s fashion phases and fashion icon partnering; some to celebrate the colour work of professional visual artists; and those ranges designed to work in with high profile events and seasonal trends etc. ArtDeco’s contouring powders, powder eyeshadows and powder blushers are designed, in shape, to fit in a Beauty Box Quadrat which fits in a handbag and can be mixed and switched around to suit.

So it is best to sit up and listen when ARTDECO tells us what is in vogue. So what are they saying? What they are saying this spring is that the achieving of a flawless Nude Look that is natural looking is still what women are wanting; and that this is achieved by Layering. Layering, of course, is not a new idea in itself, but using a Nude foundation as a base together with special brush work and suggested items from ArtDeco’s product range to Contour and so enhance the shape of the face, together with Strobing techniques (where individual parts of the face are accentuated with highlights) that’s the way to go.


So I,  TSS Ed, and once a p/t beauty consultant, have put three products from ArtDeco’s first layer only, the Nude concept, to the test! I’ve highlighted the three products in the chart below



IMG_4059 copyThe Long Wear Concealer (Soft Peach) – falls on the lighter (more pinky) shade of the nude spectrum. This product has a fluid consistency that is not too runny and which hides skin imperfections when applied. The flock applicator works well. On a reasonably pale complexion (like mine) it adjusted my skin tone to lighter shade where it is darker really effectively. Recommended 4/5 

The Nude Foundation (Honey Chiffon)– in my opinion the coverage could be better and without the risk of losing the look of a natural appearance. Has a dropper applicator which is quite cool. Honey Chiffon is a darker shade of my nude face, but it will work fine for summertime as I never choose to tan my face and it will add a glow; generally though, I like to be pale and interesting! So I would usually opt for a shade that is more peachy 3/5 

The Concealer and Camouflage Brush – this is a long handled, little stubby round headed brush made of soft nylon fibres which performed excellently when used with The Long Wear Concealer. I was impressed and am excited to think it reflects the high quality of all the make-up brushes from ArtDeco. I am going to put this forward to the TSS team that it should be awarded Product of the Month for May! 5/5

View videos demonstrating Contouring+ Strobing techniques:


ARTDECO concealer brush

‘It’s a little stick provider of artistry magic!’


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