Combo Apps/The Mobile Lens Dilemma

COMBO APPS: Mobile Extreme Editing


This blog post are for the people who are unsure about what mobile lenses to buy. The biggest problem with a lot of these mobile lenses is they aren’t made to last and have thier limitations. It doesn’t matter what system you invest in because smartphones are constantly changing their designs to get people to buy the latest and greatest smartphone. In my experience with mobile lenses I will give three type of people who buy mobile lenses. The misconceptions behind the lenses and toward the end of the blog post. I will give my opinion on what lenses I feel are a great buy and companies I trust the most. The companies will be linked to their sites and all you have to do is click on the company’s name.

Mobile Lens Buyer Type 1: These are the people who will buy anything with a name brand attached to…

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