Hotel Review – Hotel Cascais Miragem, Portugal

Hotel Cascais Miragem, Av. Marginal, 8554, Cascais 2754-536, Portugala 5-star hotel in a prime location within the pleasant coastal town of Cascais 20 miles west of Lisbon. The hotel is geared for leisure and tourism, hospitality events (including weddings). Free breakfast and Free WiFi. On Floor 3 is pool side casual dining facilities outdoors, plus indoor bar and informal seating areas to enjoy bar meals and snacks. The Gourmet restaurant supports an à la carte menu. Room service is available. There is also a heated indoor pool and spa facilities, gym and fitness, luxury retail and beauty outlets

this shot of a classic ship on the ocean taken from the hotel balcony
mother, father and baby ship. Camera shot taken from the balcony of the hotel
mother, father and baby ship. Camera shot taken from the balcony of the hotel

Location: Situated on the main road, close to the town centre, beaches and Marina. With upgrade rooms overlooking (or having partial views of) the Atlantic Ocean, the hotel entrance is easy to approach by car, though reviewer cannot comment on the car park and its cost and ease of access. On foot however, from the train station, the hotel is just a few minutes walk. Follow the beach side walk heading east, take the subway opening after passing the luxury properties, turn right at the top of the subway steps and the hotel’s impressive entrance and reception area is approx 200 yards on the left hand side 10/10
Hotel Condition: Everything in this hotel is of a grand scale with decor of rich red, gold and black. Reception desk runs along the right hand wall of the vastly spacious reception area. Large upholstered seats, coffee tables and plant displays, shiny mirrors and table lamps well spaced and placed. Some nice artwork and unusual designer furnishings. Style is luxury traditional rather than high tech modern. Four lifts serve 10 floors, two lifts being glass fronted. Reviewer confirms the outdoor pool is well attended and maintained. Reviewer was not able to access the indoor pool at a time that suited as the pool was booked for a ‘class’, so am unable to comment on the condition of the indoor pool and the areas that served it. As a spectator however, it is possible to view the indoor pool through a row of aquariums to give the illusion of people swimming in the waters with the tropical fish , but the very thought of someone watching the breast stroke actions from lower levels, looking up, it could be a little disconcerting for some! The restaurant/bar area is mix of traditional and modern in decoration, seating and tables are arranged so that the setting for patrons is private and relaxing and the lighting is soft and mellow 9/10
Details of room, Cleanliness and Condition: Very good. Our room was of the upgrade type situated on Floor 10. With a massive Super King sized bed. Room was fresh and clean, with all you could possibly need for a relaxing time to hand. Housekeeping routines appeared to be vigorous. Bathroom Being a deluxe room the bath was larger than average, two basins, lots of space, every kind of towel imaginable supplied and fluffy, white bathrobes etc. Guests really should be made aware however, that the bathroom window covering blind works in two ways, in daylight hours from inside the bathroom you can see onto the balcony but anyone situated there cannot see in, but this situation is reversed in darkness when the bathroom lights are on! All electrics, including Air Conditioning, and a flat screen TV with multi channels in full working order. Noise level, low (floor 10) 9/10


Restaurant Service: Breakfast food and drink caters for all types of breakfast preferences with a large choice within each breakfast category.
Waiting and Bar staff are professional and are exemplary in the performing of their duties. Quality of food – Excellent 10/10

Reception staff:
Our welcome was relaxed and friendly, with not too much information being fired at us all at once, and the checking out was brief and simple. Porters: attentive and polite 9/10

For details of smoking policy, child beds and other equipment and disabled access information contact the hotel
Tel. +351 210 060 600



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