Book Review GIRL vs BOY BAND SERIES by Harmony Jones

Girl vs Boy Band THE RIGHT TRACK 

Author – Harmony Jones

Published by Bloomsbury in Paperback –

Release date 02 June 2016

RRP £6.99

A Children’s Fictional Book – for 12 + years

Overview: The first title in the Girl vs Boy Band series. Lark is twelve and music is her world. Lark secretly writes songs and is always keeping look out for ideas for new lyrics. Mum, Donna, is a music producer and divorced from dad, a session musician, who lives away. The boy band from England, called Abbey Road, are Donna’s new proteges who come to live, study and work alongside Lark and Donna in their LA home. Lark is excited at first, but things do not run smoothly with the boys

Comment and Guide:
Lark is very much the central character and author, Harmony Jones, makes the most of the idea of this young girl being right in the thick of what is deemed as an artistically enriched, glamorous lifestyle. Thus appealing to the adolescent readers who may imagine their idols being close in their own everyday lives, and who daydream, in those quieter moments, of fandom passions around pop star crushes and their music. Yet in the author’s efforts to convey a rather soft moral message about ‘keeping it real’ she decides the way to do it is to make the personalities of the boys rather shallow. Though written in third person perspective, we only get a feel for other characters through the responses of Lark. However, Jones manages to avoid the stereo typifying of a spoiled brat kind of existence for Lark, by introducing melancholy surrounding the marriage split of her parents and the concern Lark has for Donna (and to some degree herself) when involved in music business dramas and legal matters to do with the boys. There we have it! It’ll not win any prize awards for fiction but there is just about enough here to be excited about the continuation of the story in a new title from the series in Summer 2017

Girl vs Boy Band THE HIGH NOTE

Author Harmony Jones

Published by Bloomsbury in Paperback

Release date 01 June 2017

RRP £6.99

A Children’s Fictional Book – suitable for 12 years approx

Overview:  Almost a year to the day that this second title from the Girl vs Boy Band series is published. Music is still the thing that is most paramount for Lark, and her songwriting skills are getting noticed, though she is shy of the limelight. Boy band, Abbey Road, are enjoying hit successes with songs penned by Lark. Many girl fans have a crush on keyboard player, Teddy. Therefore, key characters in book two of this Tween series are really feeling the flush of success!

Comment and  Guide: Lark doesn’t know if she welcomes fame and at the same time worries that fame will go to Teddy’s head. Friendships are more set and so are more positive this time around.  The story itself is just as superficial as the first in the series; so sails nice and true to the genre in which it sits


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