ISBN 978-1-4081-2453-6
Making Great Illustration by Derek Brazell and Jo Davies (The Authors)
Published by Bloomsbury (imprint A&C Black Visual Arts)
Paperback Published 22.09.2011 Available at Amazon
RRP £35.00
Published as an e-book 10.05.2016
RRP £34.00


Introduction from The Authors
Foreword (with 3 sub headings)
10 main Chapters
The Photography
The Authors (about)

The book presents:
Illustrators and animators working in 2D and 3D across a broad area of career fields
Designers working in the commercial industry, in marketing and communication roles particularly, producing brand related creative content, logos, etc.

Chapters cover the following subjects: design, advertising and editorial concepts; philosophical commentary; development principles; observational studies; art direction and the illustrators’ work; the publishing world today; art and commerce; studio practices; working methodology; the link with storytelling narrative; and the different styles, techniques and approaches in making great illustration. All of this is led by a series of artist profiles in an interview format. Artists are indexed at the rear of the book. Profiles include case studies and many talk about cultural influences reflected in their designs. The talk is a mix of opinion, and a relaying of both professional and personal experience in the life of an illustrator

Information from an industry perspective. This book is not a teaching book, but it is a very good reference book. ‘An inspiring book’ better describes it, especially for people already working on commissions for clients, or who work in commercial areas that require some sort of illustrative practice i.e. advertising, graphic design, book publishing. Suitable too, for a wider reading audience interested in art and design and who enjoy ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ accounts from those making a successful living from their artistic talents across the globe

Marian Bantjes
This photograph of MARIAN BANTJES features on p111 of Making Great Illustration under the heading Typographical Illustration. The Client’s Perspective in this section is that of Terron E. Schaefer Group Senior Vice President, Creative and Marketing at Saks Fifth Avenue

10 main headings:
• Design and Advertising
• Fiction
• Decorative Illustration and Merchandising
• Editorial and Political Illustration
• Typographical
• Children’s Publishing
• Graphic Literature
• Fashion Illustration
• Topographical Illustration
• Authorial Practice
Under each heading is a single paged Client’s Perspective followed by a trio selection of artist interviews.
For instance, the Client’s Perspective under the heading Decorative Illustration and Merchandising is from MATTHIEU LELIÈVRE – Curator, at Musee des Arts Decoratifs , France. On the subject, LELIÈVRE (p54) says that Illustration is present in many museum collections, and in many forms, which reflect an era to which a variety of objects and artifacts belong, including manuscripts, lithographs; cartoons; photographs; posters. The artists interviewed under this same heading are ANTIOINE+MANUEL (France), CATALINA ESTRADA (Barcelona, Spain) and PETE FOWLER (London)
Another example to outline this repeated format comes under the heading Children’s Publishing the Client’s Perspective is that of Creative Director and Associate Publisher of Candlewick Press, USA – CHRISTINA PAUL. On the subject, PAUL (p114) talks of Picture Book making, acknowledging that Illustration is integral to children’s picture books, while reminding us that the genre is always a collaborative art form between author, artist, editor and art director/designer. The three artists profiled under this heading are OLIVER JEFFERS (New York, USA) QUENTIN BLAKE (France & UK), KITTY CROWTHER (Brussels, Belgium)
And this is the way the format goes. All artists have been carefully chosen to appear under headings which are appropriate to their individual art forms, and their high status within that category of their best working practice

A bright, modern, cover design, with exceptional print and paper quality throughout. A large Paperback measuring 280mm x 250mm. 224 Pages. Headings and Sub-headings as described under Main Body. Main text font is small, thin and fine, mostly black. Scattered quotes and typographical styles feature. Contributors have examples of their illustrative work beautifully showcased in full colour photography

Brad Holland
A portrait and studio photograph of BRAD HOLLAND, by photographer Andrea Liggins Note: This image features on p85 of Making Great Illustration Under the heading Editorial and Political. The Client’s Perspective in this section is that of New York Times Art Director, Jerelle Kraus

Over 250 full colour photographic images appear throughout.
Pencil/artist pen drawn portrait sketches of Lelièvre and Paul (and all the other Client Perspective contributors) are by The Authors themselves.
Informal photographs of the artists in their studios or homes mostly, open up a chapter, or appear within it, alongside examples of their illustrative work. The contributions of photographers are credited.

This, The Authors first published book on the subject of Illustration, is their original and their best



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