Publisher Search Press is TSS Business of the Month for July 2016

Media and Publishing are the realms in which TSS operates and so excited to champion book publisher, Search Press, as our Business of the Month for July 2016

About Search Press

Now in its 46th year Search Press Ltd, is an award winning independent consumer publisher and wholesale business, operating from Tunbridge Wells, and one which has become a leading art and craft publisher in the UK. A family run business, Search Press has been championing and presenting, in book format, the best in fine art, textiles, general/children’s crafts since the company was founded by Charlotte (Lotti) de la Bedoyere in 1970

About Lotti

Lotti translated a book on Basket Weaving from German to English and published it in an attic room in Kensington. This the first of many titles with a winning format on art and craft subjects, at a good price, which proved to be popular. The move in the 1980s to Tunbridge Wells saw that Lotti had expanded the business at a fast pace, she continued to publish books of a series, developed new ones and commissioned larger titles

About Martin and Caroline
Lotti took the decision to retire in 1997, with son, Martin de la Bedoyere taking over as MD alongside wife, Caroline – Director of Sales and Marketing. Both directors having had knowledge and experience within publishing prior to, and both keen to carry on the high work ethics of Lotti (who remains well connected). To continue with her style and approach and to fit with publishing policies, but also to diversify, to grow sales, and to master the niche of being a high performing independent publisher. Directors: Martin and Caroline de la Bedoyere appear in the featured image at the top (Image: source

About the Books
Titles under the following main categories are: Knitting & Crochet, Needlecraft & Embroidery, Textile Craft, Practical Art, Beads & Braids, General Crafts, and C&T in the US

Amanda and Gordon Search Press Australia
Distributors Amanda and Gordon – Search Press Australia

About the Trade
As the company is a commercial business, its trading activity is global. Search Press has established overseas suppliers, and offices in Australia and the US. Search Press trade stalls and sales representatives have an ongoing presence at all major trading events and book fairs geared for publishing suppliers and book buyer interest, and, subsequently, Search Press titles are retailing in book shops nationally, internationally, and online

About the Website
The website is a web retailing outlet and includes a blue button to click over to the trade site, which operates (as many wholesale businesses do) on account based ordering to the Sales Department. Printed Wholesale catalogues and order forms are circulated regularly

Search Press author's party 2013 Image Source: Author, Debbie Shore
Search Press author’s party 2013
Image Source: Author, Debbie Shore

The Authors
Search Press has respect for its authors, who are sometimes talented newcomers with new and exciting ideas, sometimes returning authors with another title for Search Press. All authors are craft specialists within their field of expertise, who write well and are generous with their tip sharing; many books turn out to be bestsellers. Authors include: Beate Schmitz (an accomplished crocheter, designer, illustrator, writer and teacher); Debbie Shore (supplier of fresh and fun sewing projects) and Glyn Macey (who, in his own words ‘makes pictures with paint and stuff’) Some publications, like the ‘100 Little***to Make’ books are directly produced from The Search Press Studio
Note: Search Press accepts the submission of book proposals from those with a book idea as long as guidelines are followed


About the Teams
Search Press publishes up to 100 new titles each year, and so new releases are happening every month. Many staff members have been long term employees, working on both front and back list titles. Each holds a clearly defined position, but work closely with others and are supportive of one another. Under Sales and Marketing is Mary Ellingham the Publicity Manager, and under Accounts is Sue Hill -Trade Account Manager. The Editorial Team is headed by Katie French – Head of Editorial and under Production Marrianne Miall is a designer (digital) who also happens to be a Search Press author too! Michael Graham is Manager of a warehouse of 20,000sq ft and is home to 900,000 books
Altogether around 30 employees working at the premises North Farm Industrial Estate which includes in-house distribution and customer service

Mary (left) and Katie (right) pictured with author Lindsay Taylor (centre)
Mary (left) and Katie (right) pictured with author Lindsay Taylor (centre)

Search Press news
Search Press was the winner of two awards in the 2015 IPG Independent Publishing Awards. Awards received: Independent Publisher of the Year and Specialist Consumer Publisher of the Year. “To dominate a competitive sector in the way it does is an outstanding feat.” Said the Judges.
The offices and warehouse at Tunbridge Wells have recently been extended.  A visitor to the studio, artist Alan Wollett is pictured working on a design below, also a new craft room is being used for workshops or demonstrations by customers, authors or organisations

studio visitor Alan Wollett
Studio visitor Alan Wollett



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