7 smart reasons why UNILIN is a Growth Company

What is a growth Company?

‘A growth company is any company whose business generates significant positive cash flows or earnings, which increase at significantly faster rates than the overall economy. A growth company tends to have very profitable reinvestment opportunities for its own retained earnings’ Source: Investopedia

Here follows 7 Reasons why UNILIN is one of these companies:

1. Because since first becoming established in Flanders, Belgium in 1960, UNILIN has developed into a world player and maintains a leadership position in the flooring industry with its famous brands Quick-Step (introduced in 1990) and Pergo. UNILIN also manufactures products such as roof elements, insulation panels and furniture panels

Mohawk industries

2. And because UNILIN has been part of corporate retailing giant Mohawk Industries Inc since 2005. The UNILIN acquisition established a strong European presence for MOHAWK,  as well as bringing about a leading laminate position. Aside from Europe, Mohawk Production units are situated in North and South America and Asia too


UNILIN division flooring produces laminate floors, engineered wood and vinyl flooring (Quick-Step and Pergo). The division also produces and distributes matching accessories
UNILIN Division Flooring, Wielsbeke, Belgium

3. and UNILIN is a strong growth business because it is internationally active. UNILIN has nine production sites in Belgium with Unilin ‘s headquarters located in Wielsbeke near Waregem, Three divisions: UNILIN, division flooring (pictured above) Laminate flooring producing those quality brands, and Wood departments: which produce engineered wood, with a variety of natural decors; and Vinyl departments producing practical multi-layer vinyl floors with a printed surface in a variety of colours; UNILIN, division panels wood-based panels (particleboard, MDF), decorative panels; UNILIN, division insulation– roofing and insulation. Many other production units operating across Europe as a whole, plus a growing market in China. UNILIN also active in Brazil, in Australia, and in Vietnam too. Amounting to 20 Productions units internationally

4. And UNILIN is also a strong growth Business because it is financially sound. Consolidated turnover of the UNILIN Group amounts to € 1,4 billion

Unilin’s CEO Bernard Thiers (pictured above with 5 graduates) joined Unilin in 1984 as a plant manager, he has and served in roles of increasing management significance since that time, including President.
Unilin’s CEO Bernard Thiers (pictured above (rear) chairing a meeting with five graduates) joined Unilin in 1984 as a plant manager, he has served in roles of increasing management significance since that time, including President Image Source. Mark Magazine 2014 – a subscription magazine for the practice and perception of architecture

5. UNILIN is driven by innovation, with the company’s culture characterised by investments in technology and human capital. Therefore, being an employer of 4.800 people, it stands out as being not only a growth company but a passionate and one! At every level, real entrepreneurs are at the heart of UNILIN’s success, with attractive salaries and additional incentives for those that bring creativity and dynamism to the table and then becoming intrapreneurs who thrive. UNILIN was awarded the Top Employer from the Top Employer Institute België/Belgique 2016 certification

renewed production line
hi-tech production line at UNILIN, division flooring

6. UNILIN is a growth company as it produces high quality products: Laminate flooring, composite parquet floors and luxury vinyl flooring under the brands Quick-Step and Pergo. Note: Next month, September 2016, UNILIN, division flooring will be launching a brand-new Quick-Step Majestic laminate. 

Quick Step Impressive laminate flooring – IMAGE our own – a bathroom refit project showcased at tssreviews (Autumn 2015)

7. And last but not least, with ‘Respect’ being the cornerstone of the UNILIN philosophy, means the company is committed to its employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and everyone they work with. Having respect for the environment, UNILIN achieves good balance between economic, social and environmental considerations – which is why the business is successful, and so that everyone associated with this growth company is benefiting from its promise of top quality and service

UNILIN is TSS Business of the Month for August 2016




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