Stage Review – OSTRICH BOYS

This play is a revelatory experience all in all. The first reveal is immense, and a great place to start, but there is much more to the story. The script writing and the drama techniques used in getting the story out is pretty ingenious

Four pals – four troubled young men (with Ross in a dislocated state at all times), each possessing very different personalities, yet all four from the friendship quartet are energetic jokers: passionate, heroic, hedonistic and vital, and under the surface, deep down, spirits are crushed somewhat; mind and thoughts restricted

Adapted for stage by Carl Miller, from the successful book of the same title by author, Keith Gray, it is plain that the content is not particularly original, nevertheless, the slow uncovering of storytelling layers and the revealing of the real truth at the play’s end is handled extraordinary well

 SHEA DAVIS-Ross, CARL AU-Sim, FAAIZ MBELIZI-Kenny, FRED HAIG-blake. In Ostrich Boys Photographer Robert-Day

Photographer Robert-Day

Four multi-talented cast members, who double-up (and triple-up sometimes) as other necessary characters that need to feature. Four strikingly gifted young actors which can really ‘put on a show’, displaying excellent interpretation, fabulous energy, good comic pacing, and the performance of dance moves that can be described as being ‘theatrical contemporary’

The stage installation is fairly unadorned, with a couple of moving components that are compliant for the management of changing scenes. Yet along with some clever props you can envisage the settings: the train station, the fairground, the bike riding etc. Also scenes involve the use of height for a bungee jump, and, in contrast, the set allows for a spot of low down scrambling for when characters access the tramp hotel!

Directed by Tony Graham, Ostrich Boys is showing at Coventry’s Belgrade Theatre until Sat 24th September, this fantastic play kicking off the Autumn Season in B2 will have wide appeal. Recommended!


SHEA DAVIS (Ross)– Theatre credits include The Sound of Music and Macbeth,
Film: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
TV: BBC’s Casualty

FRED HAIG (Blake) – Theatre credits include A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Rent

CARL AU (Sim) -Theatre credits include A Christmas Carol, High School Musical
TV: The Lost Sitcoms – Till Death Us Do Part

FAAIZ MBELIZI (Kenny) – Theatre credits include Merchant of Venice and All My Sons

Photography by Robert Day

Theatre Critic, Debra Hall attended press night of Ostrich Boys at The Belgrade Theatre (B2) on Tuesday 13 Sept 8.00 pm. A repeat of this publication also appears at Remotegoat Stage

Cast members of Ostrich Boys Photography by Robert Day
Cast members of Ostrich Boys
Photography by Robert Day



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