Craft Book Review – Mini Knitted Ocean by author Sachiyo Ishii

Review of Mini Knitted Ocean is by guest reviewer and novice knitter, Kelly A from Pontyclun


I’m a fairly novice knitter, most of my accomplishments come in the form of scarves, so it was really nice to have a go at something different with this book. I love the quality of the book, the various projects within and the quirky theme of the ocean.
Whenever I start knitting I always forget how to cast on, so I’d hope I’d find simple instructions inside the book (because the projects are aimed at beginner, intermediate and advanced) but there were none so I headed over to youtube for a quick tutorial.
I’d opted for a beginner project, the ‘clown fish’, but I wanted to make it spooky (because it’s Halloween!) so I opted for red, black and green wool. Once I’d cast on it didn’t take long for me to gather momentum for the project! I have never really followed a detailed set of knitting instructions before, so it was great to have a reference at the front of the book for all the different abbreviations.
It took me probably six to eight hours in total to complete the fish, I’m sure it would be a much quicker project for the more advanced knitter, but as I say, I’ve never made anything quite so technical. I love how many different ideas are contained within the book as well as how Sachiyo Ishii has kept things very simple, from materials to techniques.
I really loved the tone of the book, very engaging and user friendly. I definitely think the images helped me gauge how well I was doing and give you an idea of the different stages as I worked through them.
I really enjoyed making our Halloween Clown Fish, and I agree that it’s perfect for a beginner. I think this book will become quite addictive now I’ve achieved one project, and I can’t wait to start the next one!


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