Franchise Partnering Company FOCUS Brands Inc. and its CINNABON Brand


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Atlanta-based FOCUS Brands Inc is a franchiser, operator and developer of global multi-channel food service brands. Their strategy: ‘to develop owned and acquired food service brands through a repeatable operating model that leverages the core franchise business into multiple distribution channels, including licensing, consumer products, and ecommerce’


FOCUS Brands have been operating since 2001 and acquired Cinnabon (whose speciality are the World Famous Cinnamon Rolls bakery product) in 2004

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President of Cinnabon – Joe Guith
Cinnabon Outlet - Image source
Cinnabon Outlet – Image source

Some facts you should know if you are interested in becoming a Cinnabon franchisee in the US or abroad

Cinnabon is the 30-year-old market leader among cinnamon roll bakeries
Cinnabon is a gourmet specialty bakery that fills a niche market
Cinnabon serves fresh, aromatic, oven-hot cinnamon rolls with ‘the goo factor’ and a variety of other baked goods and specialty beverages
Cinnabon has expanded its footprint across US states and 52 countries
Cinnabon can be customized to fit high-traffic venues such as shopping malls, airports, train stations, and travel plazas. There are full street-side bakery cafés all over the world but also micro bakeries present in gas stations, universities, military bases and office buildings and branded products available in grocery, retail and restaurant outlets and online ordering
Cinnabon looks for candidates with a successful track record in food service or retail operations
Cinnabon offers franchisees the support they need to establish and grow their business
Cinnabon supports the DAISY Foundation

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Warm dough, Makara® Cinnamon, topped with rich cream cheese frosting
Cinnabon Classic roll is a warm dough, with Makara® Cinnamon, topped with a cream cheese frosting

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