Star Wars Silhouette jigsaw – Product review



Review Submission by Guest Reviewer Cheryl H of Birmingham

I received his jigsaw and opened it with expectancy and – gulp – wow it looked like a challenge. Straight away I noticed that my usual technique of starting with the straight edges wasn’t going to work because, well, the straight edges are not, um, straight.  For some this is exciting, for me this presented an even tougher challenge.

I started to prepare my specialist jigsaw surface, aka my dining/working/painting table, and the reality of a 70x106cm puzzle began to dawn. This is a very big jigsaw! While there isn’t any straight edges in this jigsaw there is, helpfully, a coloured line around the silhouette which transitioned between shades of blue and purple on its way round.  Without any idea how to commence a jigsaw without straight edges I decided to delve through the 1098 pieces looking for the helpfully coloured edges.

The construction began, very, very slowly. With my head in my hands I asked my 9 year old, “What am I going to do with this?” “Just believe in yourself Mummy,” he said. “Use the Force!” pipes up my husband. With the border almost complete I moved onto light sabers and lightning strikes as they were the easiest pieces to spot.

The jigsaw is the excellent quality you’d expect from Ravensburger and a challenge for any Star Wars and Jigsaw lover. The silhouette design and the unique shaped pieces make it more interesting and harder. In previous Ravensburger puzzles I have completed there has been an extra picture of the puzzle to reference within the box, which is useful if more than one person is working on it, but unfortunately there wasn’t in this one.

To complete this stunning Star Wars Silhouette jigsaw you need a big table or jigsaw mat, a lot of time, tons of determination, and … May the Force be with You!



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