Prestat is looking after us grown-ups this Advent
ROCKING HORSE ADVENT CALENDAR WITH Dark Chocolate (with sea salt) and Milk Chocolate (with caramel) 8.47 OZ – 240g

Individual Prestat chocolates are stunningly presented in the Advent calendar format of a chocolate treat per day (for the 24 days of Advent) designed to engage one in the growing sense of anticipation as we count down the days of December to Christmas Eve. If you’re a celebrator of the Christmas season and a ‘joiner in’ of these kinds of festivities you will appreciate all this has to offer. Prestat is looking after the grown ups again with this lovely package. Why? Well, because we get the dry sense of humour of the story that comes with it and its ‘keep your hands-off they’re my chocolates!’ message, and, we’ll not be distracted away so easily from the view of this thing on the mantelpiece, also, and more importantly, we will definitely savour the luxury of the chocolates better!

The packaging features bright and richly colourful Kitty Arden artwork (Prestat’s favourite creative), and while there is not much in the cover/box design that is symbolic with Advent meanings and the traditions to do with that, this is similar to the majority of chocolate style advents in format. Basically it is a luxury box of chocolate treats celebrating things we think about about Christmas, non-religiously, but traditionally and commercially. Remove the transparent seal which keeps the doors firmly closed and there’s that Rocking Horse with golden accents, and a fully decorated Christmas tree, a toy soldier, a candelabra and some paper chains, and through the drapes to the outside we see a snowy scene with Father Christmas and a full sack on his sleigh. Open the doors and the design is repeated with the numbered windows across.  The short story we mentioned is printed on the insides of each door. The story it is about a Bah! Humbug! Ole Grandpa of the Manor, who has had a beef with Father Christmas since he was a child when he’d missed out on chocolates gifts. Whose wish was finally granted when he receives “Chocolates. And more Chocolates!” And who is not very gracious because he’s keeping all the chocolates for himself! Ha!

24 mixed chocolates altogether behind numbered doors. Milk chocolates (with caramel peices) contain a min. of 40% cocoa, whereas Dark chocolates have a cocoa min. of 53%. The chocolates are cubed and solid, smooth tasting, a two-bite size as a guide, with a slight hint of saltiness even those containing caramel

Information re: Ingredients and Allergens visit the Website Price £22.50

Prestat is rocking once again with this product. TSS Testers make no bones about the fact that Prestat contains their favourite chocolate recipes and products and never has any other chocolate maker or purveyor managed to turn our heads away from that notion yet!



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