Month: December 2016

2016: Boarding complete

Taking the opportunity of wishing all readers/subscribers of tss a Happy New Year! Cheating a little by sharing a summary of 2016 written by someone else, namely potatopen on wordpress I enjoyed the vitality and the personality in the writing, liked the ‘summing up’ of what has been a strange and difficult year (aren’t they all). All the best for 2017 everyone, from Debra (ed of tssreviews) ♥ The year sounded promising, and as we all buckled into a smooth transition with stellar academics, promotions, proposals and marriages, reality trumped in our faces (pun unintended) as always. In t… Click on over: Source: 2016: Boarding complete Advertisements

Fashion, Textiles and Design

This artwork was created to pull together the study themes of Fashion, Textiles and Design. The illustration depicts all three of those elements. I see it as an ideal cover for a course guide. I have created the layers and texture by using pencil crayon upon textured paper, and the face using artist pen in bold. Then photographed with a Patchwork background and changed the view with a little Photoshop manipulation Source: Fashion, Textiles and Design


OUR DESIGN IS OPULENT Featured: Wallpaper by Rasch Feature Wallcovering pictured above is by Rasch (available to account holders) is Home Vision VII #732535 Silver Metallic LAYERED AND TEXTURED Pictured above and below is Grey Check Squares Lampshade handmade by Karen Davey in Cornwall OUR RECEPTION ROOM DESIGN IS CLASSIC Quick-Step Laminate flooring CREO Tennessee Oak Light Wood AND HAS VERSATILITY QUALITY Rug is beige Drift Rug at The Rug Seller ELEGANCE Lighting above and below from Above the Amina Pendant Ceiling Light Below The Frances Floor Lamp AND HOMELINESS Hand poured in the UK, 220g mineral wax Home Candles by Sandy Bay LONDON