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I sailed through 2016 blogging away quite happily. I have a new blog too. But as far as TSS goes I think it is still relevant in both the creative industry and the business world, though I think the bubble has very much burst between bloggers in general and their PR partners in a commercial sense. The water has been muddied somewhat. Despite this,  I have managed to publish regular posts under an array of different categories. More importantly, I very much hope I’m still entertaining and inspiring readers

Here’s a few highlights from 2016

suite on the top floor of Hotel Miragem Cascais

Top review was of Portugal’s Hotel Miragem Cascais. Read it here

I like ‘things’ and I talk about ‘things’ a lot. I have probably featured more than 365 little things over the course of 2016 if you were to add them up. There’s the jigsaw puzzle reviews of course, but there were also things like paperback books; scented candles; subscription box bits; shiny things; pretty things; practical things; technical things; large things with small components, potatoes (yes potatoes), and chocolate hearts

Talking of hearts, we make no secret of the fact that all TSS tester’s have loved the fine and wonderfully crafted chocolate by Prestat of London not just in 2016 but for a good few years now.  If I am allowed to recommend any luxury brand at all, it’ll be this one. Try these chocs from the latest Valentine boxes for 2017, and you’ll be hooked!



As well, 2016 saw me partnering with a few carefully selected brands who happily supported my home feature projects with the supply of big things that I believe were nicely showcased. I hope you liked seeing them. A selection is shown above

3m automotive wraps
3m automotive wraps

The profiling of businesses happens monthly. These are always popular articles with my readers. Top TSS read under this category in 2016, was March’s Business of the Month which was the American Worldwide Enterprise Multi-Industry giant 3M

Hairspray 1
Sutton Coldfield Musical Theatre Company (SCMTC)

Less about industry now, and more about The Arts and 2016 was my ninth year writing and publishing stage reviews, so once again I was presented with fine opportunities to cast a critical eye over Midland’s theatre in the UK. However, it was an amateur production of Hairspray at The Garrick in Lichfield by a muscial theatre company based in Sutton Coldfield (SCMTC) that achieved the most views in 2016 at TSS. Read it here

from the book Title: Embroidered Landscapes (Australia) Author: Judy Wilford
from the book Title: Embroidered Landscapes (Australia)
Author: Judy Wilford

I am greatly interested in these four Cs: Creativity, Crafts, Countries, and Celebrations. I have tried hard to incorporate these themes in much of my writing to date, and would like to continue to do so in 2017

I’ve been meaning to write a little overview of 2016 at tssreviews for a while; finally gotten round to it!


Debra x

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