How To Wear : Hi-Waist Slip by Miraclesuit

Miraclesuit Sheer Slip. A Shapewear undergarment with double panels for Extra Firm Control designed to flatten the tummy and shape the hips. Made from Nylon, Elastane and Spandex and has a Gusset that is 92% Cotton.
Colour: Black (also available in Nude)
Size S,M,L,XL,2XL
Design and Decoration: Plain. High waist. Double sheer panels. Built in Panty. Elasticated waist. Flat seams and hemlines. With Edge technology designed to create a smooth look under clothes

Hi-Waist Slip £43 from Figleaves

Online retailer of intimate apparel FIGLEAVES



Miraclesuit Look 10 lbs lighter in 10 seconds

Sheer panels adjust to fit your body – Miraclesuit Hi- Waist Slip
Promotional shot from Miraclesuit

The tester is female with a full figure (size 16 UK). In the morning of the test she put on the slip (size XL 14-16 UK) to trial. She reports that this was not a strain to do and that the sketchiness of the fabric immediately felt comfortably light, figure hugging and secure across the body. Over the top she pulled on a close fitting to-the-knee pencil skirt. The tester reports that the lining of the skirt glided smoothly up over the hips and she was able to fasten the zip to the top more easily than usual. She states that it was immediately apparent that the skirt’s waistline was a looser fit and there was a seam free and firmer appearance around her bottom and hips, and, when looking in the mirror, the Tester thought her side profile was smoothed and straightened around these areas; but says her usual tummy bulge was not any flatter or noticeably reduced at all.

Our tester reports that the hook fasteners around the gusset area (like those on a bra strap) can be completely undone for ease when visiting the bathroom or to do away with having the inbuilt panty in place. She stated that when opting to wear this item as a slip only that one’s usual panties can be worn underneath. This, however, does change the look and to some degree the performance because it is suddenly more ‘open’ and the gusset is then two short flaps that hang loose  (one to the front and to the back) but they are tucked away still and are not outwardly visible so that is a good thing.

The tester wore the item for many hours as part of the trial. The tester believes this is not a 24 hr performing garment. The tester found that after her evening meal and being in a centrally heated home environment that she was getting slightly uncomfortable and restricted by evening time. However, during the day, she found the fabric to be cool and that her movements i.e. bending down, stretching up, sitting, stepping etc. were not restricted at all; in fact she very much liked the sensation and security of the bands and panels doing their work. The edge technology being a real plus point because she found that the slip did not ride up or the waistline did not roll down and her figure outline was enhanced.

Tester concludes that the slip flattered her figure and that made her feel good, and that wearing this slip under her choice of every day or occasion wear she knows she would be enhancing her style and look every time.

1. This Sheer Hi Waist Slip is not designed to be worn under trousers.
2  Always buy nude shape wear if you are going to be wearing it under white clothes. It will not show though whereas white underwear will

See 1.1 Disclaimer


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