Profiling artist Colin Thompson

About Colin Thompson

London born, Thompson is an artist, writer and illustrator. After art training and subsequent employment as a graphic designer in the UK, and later, time spent in film making for the BBC., Thompson has enjoyed a full career in the creative industry which has involved living and working abroad. Thompson gained a dual citizenship after moving to Australia in the mid nineties

Black and White

Thompson’s background in design and print meant that he was always able to create very detailed black & white drawings. In 1990 he wrote his first two children’s books, both were published by Hodder & Stoughton in 1991 as small hardbacks and included thirty or so black and white illustrations. Since then, award winner Thompson has written and illustrated over 70 children’s books which have been published in many countries over the world.

Grayscale and Half Tones

It was only going to be a matter of time before Thompson would see an opening for him in this latest colouring book for adults craze. Colin Thompson’s Colouring Book (suitable for ages 12 years and up) brings together many of Thompson’s best known designs from his commercial work for Ravensburger and some book titles. Designs are in grayscale and halftone, which increasing depth and drama to the format of every illustration and so offers something different to the 2D activity. Has received many 5 Star reviews at Amazon.
Thompson, of course, does the most wonderful colour work too, using digital painting techniques. Thompson’s designs are busy, and complex, and have a distinct feel of Tolkien meets M. C. Escher often, with a touch of the Oriental sometimes. With free flow of nature and man-made themes and that injection of humour and character running through his artistry. So much to admire

the Ludicous Library , A Ravensburger puzzle. Artwork by Colin Thompson


Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Also sharing a short review published on Amazon in October 2016 of a Ravensburger Jigsaw Puzzle by Thompson called Flying Home

The designs by Colin Thompson which Ravensburger uses for their jigsaw puzzles are full of little complexities and fine details. The jigsaws themselves are beautifully constructed and wonderfully colourful. Thompson often crosses the fantastical with the technical and the scene for ‘Flying Home’ is quite beautiful actually. There is definitely a feel of the da Vinci about it. So never mind if you’re not into jigsaw puzzles particularly, this would make a great gift for anyone interested in SciFi or fantasy worlds, Art/Design. Recommended!


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