Stage Review: Bring on the Bollywood

This show fits the Bollywood genre To a T. It has the schmaltzy kind of love story lines and the agenda driven characters you might expect, yet there is a level of resilience and keen endeavour attached to most.

The story is about secret love, true love matches and marriage related mismatching, and the script has fun with that; it is also about personal loss and regrets. Therefore, we get that light and shade of story line to fit the flittering emotions conveyed in many of the expressive song lyrics that can move the story forward more engagingly than the dialogue manages at times. It has its fill of Punjabi pop music and dancing and there are story twists to hold the interest.

The Asian cast members are all trained in performing arts, some have spread their good looks and creativity to include working in the commercial world namely Nisha Aaliya (Dr Katrina), Yanick Ghanty (Amit) and Robby Khela (Ronny). My favourite performance? By Sakuntala Ramanee actually, I liked her stage presence, her elegance and dialogue delivery, and, come on, haven’t we all met someone in life like her character Lalita! Also, I found the dance performances of Emiko Jane Ishii quite fascinating to watch.

It is not perfect, the stage a little crowded for the dance features so some bumping happening. I enjoyed the love ballads, but the tunes of the upbeat numbers were not as enriching and soul uplifting as I had hoped they would be. That said, this is a bilingual show revealing the skills of talented performers. A colourful production with much energy and humour attached.

Theatre critic, Debra Hall, attended the Belgrade Theatre on Saturday 06 May 2017

This is the promotional video for the show


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