Book Review: Mango & Bambang Superstar Tapir

Mango & Bambang Superstar Tapir

Author: Polly Faber

Illustrator: Clara Vulliamy

ISBN-13: 978-1406361490

Publisher: Walker Books (2 Mar. 2017)

Children’s Fiction Book – Hardcover 144 pages

Guest reviewing this title for TSS is Kelly A along with her two age appropriate young children 

We absolutely adore books and we read together and to each other every single day. When Mango and Bambang Superstar Tapir arrived, it was, quite simply. hard to resist…

The book we received was hardback (swoon!) and the cover simply gorgeous. With a vintage vibe, the orange stripes and gold flirtations are absolutely stunning. I couldn’t wait to sit down together and read it with George and Molly!

George has been reading since he was about 5 and loves reading chapter books, whilst Molly (6) is more self-taught and she’s currently reading more illustrated books. Mango and Bambang is a mixture of the two; it contains four separate short stories, each one with a selection of illustrations.

Each story is interesting and they held everyone’s attention as we sat together and followed Mango and Bambang on their adventures. Each story is very different, but the constant throughout is the strength of their relationship and their love for one another.

When it comes to writing, the grammar, descriptions and story-lines are all spot on. I devoured the stories as I read them to George and Molly, and they both (like me) felt very moved by the ups and downs of Bambang and his supportive and kind friend, Mango.

The illustrations were absolutely adorable, they’re black and white with splashes of orange and so vintage in style; they reminded me of an old movie or books I’d read when I was a kid visiting my Grandmother. There’s something so special about this type of book, they take you back in time to a place of magic and wonder and they’re the kind of books you treasure your whole life long.

I particularly loved A Night at the Fair; it’s slightly spooky but also something quite serious happens to Bambang, and it’s essential this kind of thing is contained within fiction, a talking point for children and adults. It also shows us bravery and how prioritising safety comes first. In fact, I loved all the stories for different reasons.

Snow Day offers a fun and imaginative story as well as the chance to talk about safety, Rocket to the Moon is another adventurous tale with a clever Bambang saving the day and A Tiny Tapir’s Tears shows us what love, friendship and bravery really is.

This is the fourth book in the collection, and I am sad not have read the other three!

We adore this book and I can’t wait to make it a collection. We are currently working through a selection of crafts alongside Mango and Bambang; so far we’ve made snow slime, toilet roll rockets and we aim to make Egyptian pots from clay and hopefully make our own mini adventure movie!

This book is definitely inspiring and uplifting, with the true meaning of love and friendship at the forefront of each story.



Kelly (from South Wales) says she intends to write a post of activities to accompany a repeat publication of this on her own blog at


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