Guide to Roman Blind making

Choosing the Made to Measure services of department stores, specialist makers and web retailers to make and supply your window dressings can be really expensive. Friends recently requested a shop buying quote for two sets of curtains, lined, with eyelets designed to fit a couple of average sized windows in their home and were quoted over 2000 GBP. By shopping around, and choosing a lower priced fabric per meter-age they were able to order to specification at a cost of 800 GBP. But still, a costly outlay. We can see why, there is no quick way round the process, and to do it all properly is really a labour of love.

If you have an understanding of stitching work, and a sewing machine and some sewing essentials to hand, and a few free hours over a couple days to work at the making, then you can save a lot of money. This week we made two Roman Blinds showcased in the photography using Laura Ashley fabrics. The fabric was recently selling at a 50% discount, and we were able to reuse the battens, rods, loops and cords from existing blinds, so were able to make these Roman blinds for under £100 for the two.

The video below by MyDecozo on YouTube involves more detailed step-by-step instructions than most. The process involves long measuring and preparation stages and the majority of it is hand sewing, but the steps are more ‘teachingly’ thorough than most and the results (if you are neat and careful) are very professional. We are happy with our window blinds ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺


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