JUDGE Radiant Review and Frittata Recipe

The Product
24cm Judge Radiant Non-Stick Stir Fry Pan/Wok
Material:Teflon® Radiance Stainless Steel reinforced
*PFOA free.
Suitable for all hob types, including Induction
Soft Grip Handles
Dishwasher and Oven safe up to 150°C
25 year Guarantee (10 year Non-Stick guarantee)
Also available in 26cm
Colour – Red

The Place
Available at independent hardware Outlets & Cookshops Nationwide
Selling from the UK from its Bristol base
Search Where to Buy online
for Trade enquiries: Horwood Homewares Ltd Tel: 0117 940 0000 sales@horwood.co.uk

The Price
RRP £64.00

The Promotion

Recipient of many Supplier, Product and Cookware awards

TSS Says: To trial this product we made the Frittata from scratch in the Stir Fry pan (see below) We cooked on a gas hob and can report the even heat distribution was evident and brought about all the benefits of that. The trial resulted in a successful and perfect tasting Frittata with no food residue left in the pan afterwards. Do NOT use in an microwave oven or place under the grill


Figure 1

150 G of peeled or scraped, and diced New Potatoes (or potatoes that hold their form well when cooking) we used Estima.

150 G of frozen peas

1 Pack of button chestnut mushrooms prepared the usual way for cooking and sliced

2 tablespoons of Rapeseed oil, and 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil (or similar)

1 large onion (chopped)

8 Large Eggs (Beaten)

Salt and Black Pepper

150 G of cheddar cheese (we used cheddar goat’s cheese)

A few coriander leaves (chopped)

Boil the potatoes in a large pan in salted water for a few minutes. Meanwhile pour some hot water from the kettle into a small bowl and add the peas to thaw them out

Heat the oils gently in the Judge Radiant Stir Fry pan, add the chopped onion and sliced mushrooms and fry until soft

Drain the potatoes and add to the pan and cook for approx 10 mins

In the meantime season the beaten eggs with salt and black pepper and grate the cheese.

Drain the peas and add to the pan (figure 1 illustrates this stage in the cooking)

Pour the eggs into the pan and allow it to cook for a few minutes so it begins to set. We found, because of the deepness of the pan we had to loosely quarter the frittata and flip the four sides over and remold while the mixture was still gooey in the middle. Add the grated cheese and the coriander at this stage and cook for a further 8 mins approx until the cheese has melted and there is a golden appearance

Cut into wedges with a spatula.

Serve this tasty omelette warm or cold.

*Note: PFOA is a chemical compound used in the manufacture of non-stick cookware which is potentially toxic. Though the item under review is free from PFOA it is probable the product carries other PFAS (Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances) – though this is an unverified assumption. PFAS are everywhere in our industrialized and technical world, quoting from the Green Science Policy Institute’s website “in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat.” This quote taken from an informative article published in 2015 by the Telegraph online, about the manufacture and use of non-stick products following Scientific Research at the time. Read here


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