TSS Product of the Month (June 2017) The Space Saver SS80 Plinth Heater

The Product

Smith’s Space Saver SS80 is classified as a fixed appliance for domestic or light commercial uses

Space Saver SS80 is a plinth heater that provides fan-assisted hydronic heat. It is designed to integrate and be part of a two piped and pumped wet central heating system, with isolating valves fitted for good practice

Stainless steel grille and interconnecting leads, fixing screws, and flexible installation hoses – complete. Note: isolating valves not included

Two switches: (I) Normal (II) Boost – once commissioned operates with the heating system turned ON and the water in the system is more than 35 degrees centigrade, and when room thermostat(s) are calling for heat

Heat outputs tested in accordance with BS4856

Available to trade professionals in the main

Product is covered by a free 5 year parts and labour guarantee

Suitable for kitchen unit installation behind the plinth as a replacement or a heating alternative to having a traditional panel radiator

The SS80 will fit plinth sizes that are narrower i.e. IKEA kitchens

The Place

Details of the product on the website at Smith’s Environmental Products (Smith’sEP)
Available to trade from branches of Benchmarx (part of the Travis Perkins plc) and from heating and cooling specialists CPS in the main

For other stockists across the UK see map

Contact sales@smiths-env.com

The Price
RRP £264.00

The Promotion

The Space Saver appliance is Smith’s bestselling product. The fact the SS80 version will fit under the IKEA cabinets and into their narrower plinth widths makes it easier for trade’s people/kitchen installer(s) to fully meet a customer brief and their brand choice. The Space Saver is also available in all-electric, dual fuel versions, and a low voltage model for bathrooms and other high humidity areas. Recent news is that Smiths are launching brand-new packaging this month for the product (June 2017), and have confirmed they will be exhibiting in Glasgow this September at The Installer Show

TSS says

As with any installed, fitted and working kitchen appliance like this one, knowledge of the health and safety considerations once installed is required and its potential hazards understood

The aesthetics are hugely important in kitchen design and being able to incorporate the room heating source discreetly in its under-cabinet placing, at floor level, and so gain the wall space otherwise taken up by an ugly panel radiator is such a plus. As well as the unit with the white fascia we showcase in the photography, the Space Saver fascia grille finishes are also available in stainless steel, black, brown, chrome, aluminium and gold to complement any kitchen design.

This is an ‘up to the minute’ appliance product, with much heat efficiency output, space and power saving benefits and so deserves its Product of the Month award




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