Making Sweet Pastry Soft Berry Tart using a Food Mixer – Product Review and Recipe

The Product

Twin Blade Stand Mixer by Judge
300 Watt motor – 5 speed control plus TURBO (thumb operated)
Space saving hand mixer plus stand with bowl. Both mixer and bowl are detachable
Beaters and dough hooks included. Only the fitments are dishwasher proof
2 year electrical domestic guarantee
White finish

The Place
Available at independent hardware Outlets & Cookshops UK Nationwide
Selling from the UK from its Bristol base
Search Where to Buy online
for Trade enquiries: Horwood Homewares Ltd Tel: 0117 940 0000

The Price – retailing around £35.00

The Promotion
Judge Cookware is the recipient of many Supplier, Product and Cookware awards

TSS Says: As well as being just as multi-functional as a Patissier type Food Mixer, this machine is extremely lightweight in comparison, and compact, in regard to the worktop space it’ll take up and/or the cupboard space it’ll fill. The Judge Twin Blade Stand Mixer obviously mixes food at different speeds depending on how heavy the mix, but also kneads; folds-in; combines; creams; whips; mashes and beats food ingredients too. Of course this small appliance (SA) has no capability to chop or slice food like a food processor does, but has the hand controlling advantage of a wand style mixer plus the added convenience of being able to place the mixer in the stand, leaving it to do the kind of food preparing jobs that would otherwise be laborious and energy sapping to do by hand. Price is very reasonable, mainly because the casing, bowl, stand and mixer are all made from a similar grade of white plastic, but the electrics and the mechanical operations are impressive and certainly allows a vrooming up and down of the gears at the a flick of the thumb. Tools are easily attached by pushing into position and release is by the push of a button.

We wonder how many people make shortcrust pastry by mechanical means? Do most people these days? We trialed this SA by making a Soft Berry Tart with sweet pastry. We used the two beaters working under speed settings 1-2 (to combine pastry ingredients); and speed settings 3-4 to make the crème pâtissière (creme pat); moving up to setting 5 for whipping. We can report everything worked very well and to expectations in regard to the appliance.

The tart recipe is intentionally a rustic, creamy dessert rather than something more delicate, so an ideal, uncomplicated, summertime pudding that will impress the family.


What you need

Pre-heat oven to 180 degrees centigrade. Prepare a selection of soft fruits as above (wash gently, do not hard rinse)

Sweet Pastry – 250 g plain flour; 50 g ground almonds; 175 g of butter; 1 heaped tablespoon of caster sugar; 1 egg yolk and a little cold water to bind

Creme Pat (makes about 500 mls) 450 mls milk; 4 egg yolks, 100 g caster sugar, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract, 1 heaped tablespoon of cornflour

1 x Heaped tablespoon of icing sugar combined with a pinch of cocoa powder to finish

How to make

Note: our stove top, the stand mixer and its power source are closely situated, this set up made the following process easier:

To make the pastry using the food mixer: the flour and ground almonds were placed into the mixer bowl and combined using a slow speed turn of the beaters, sugar was then added, then the butter, turning the beaters to middling speeds. The egg yolk was immediately added, plus a small splash of water which made a stiff pastry dough that the tester was able to handle without getting sticky. This whole process only took a minute. This is not a sponge cake recipe, do not over mix.

It is usual to roll out the pastry dough on a floured surface to the size of the flan dish at this point. Our tester is looser and less precise and chooses to simply press the dough into place to line the dish with the dough before she neatly trims the edge. Some people insert baking beans into an unfilled pastry case at this point. Whichever way, bake in the warm oven for approx 20-25 mins or the pastry is no longer raw and the edges are a golden brown

The mixer bowl and beaters were then cleaned ready to use again for the making of the Creme Pat

To make the Creme Pat: In a saucepan on the stove top the milk was heated and the vanilla extract added. In the meantime 4 x egg yolks were added to the clean mixer bowl placed in the stand and these were whipped up along with the caster sugar until light and thick using Speed 5 on the mixer. When the milk on the stove was almost boiling, the speed was turned down to 1 on the mixer and the cornflour was added. The milk was then poured into the egg mixture in the bowl on the stand while the beaters were operating all the time (care should always be taken with hands and fingers when moving pieces are in operation), the speed was turned up to a middle speed briefly; before the mixer was turned off completely. Once the bowl was removed from the stand all of the mix was returned back to the saucepan, this was gently heated again. and stirred until the arrival of a gentle boil and the mixture was allowed to continually cook (gently) until the mixture thickened. The mixer was removed from its stand and used as a hand-held beater to blast the mixture one last time to remove any lumps.

Both the pastry case and the Creme Pat was allowed to cool down considerably, before the case was filled with the Creme Pat custard.

The fruits were arranged nicely on the surface and the icing sugar/cocoa mix was sifted over the top



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