STELLAR Cookware’s HOB TOP Espresso Maker – How to use


The Stellar Hob Top Espresso Maker is made from polished stainless steel. Above shows the three broken down components pertaining to the Hob Top Espresso Maker. The Top Jug, The base (with valve) and the coffee container.

1. Fill the base with water to a level that sits just below the valve

2. Place the coffee container into the base and fill with fine, ground Espresso coffee

3. Screw fit the base onto the top jug as shown above

4. Set the Espresso maker on the hob under a medium flame. After a few minutes. listen for the Espresso coffee transferring under pressure to the Top jug

5. The handle is heat proof so remove from the heat source carefully by the handle only. You can pour the Espresso coffee into cups directly.

Other details:

6 Cup / 400ml
Suitable for all hob types
Dishwasher safe
Lifetime guarantee

For details as to where to buy visit the website

1.2 applies see here


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