TSS Business of the Month for September 2017 is Horwood Homewares (Avonmouth)

This article features long time family run business, Horwood Homewares Ltd; a business with a heritage timeline that was established in 1896, in Bristol, UK.

Founder, Victorian businessman, William Joseph Horwood sold objects of ironmongery and enamelware to the people to help their kitchens, their industries and their establishments function within daily operations and routines. Because in serviced homes, in the workplace and in institutional settings (which housed many) life was hard and extremely hands-on. The Victorians were the first to manufacture items and objects and supply on a larger scale: things for the industries; things for the homes.

Business was good and continued to grow, so the Queens Lane location became the company’s new premises in 1927. The factory turned out various tinned, enameled culinary and household articles including bins, baths and buckets, and much, much more – by 1930 the catalogue was 100 pages long!

In 1935 that the business was incorporated under the name of W.F. Horwood Ltd, (William Frederick Horwood, Managing Director). Hardware production was the order of the day. In 1936 the company introduced their own brand ‘Judge’.

An eventual relocation of the headquarters to St Thomas Street happened in the 1950s and soon became a wholesaling business only, with members of that original, founding family owning the company for over eighty years (until 1977 in fact), with third and fourth generations of the family staying on and working in key roles thereafter.

Stellar was the pioneer of stainless steel cookware

Moving into the eighties and under the ownership of Glenchewton (the housewares turned Internet investment company) came the introduction of the Stellar brand (the choice of professionals), with the acquisition of Judge (Kitchen essentials since 1896) followed quickly. Demand for stainless steel cookware increased and Stellar pans were flying off the shelves.

Horwood Homewares has become a distributor of international brands supplying table and cookware across European markets, as well as supplying a broad customer base of retailers who stock their two popular brands (mentioned above) and the brand called Horwood too. Product lines that include: knives, cutlery, electrical, textiles etc. as well as quality cookware/bakeware for stove top use or oven-to-table which includes full sets and collections.

And in recent times, Horwood Homewares has been sold to Portuguese company, Silampos, and then acquired by the UK stake of the TTK Prestige business last year, 2016. It operates today from the well established trading estate, Avonmouth Way, adjacent to Junction 18 of the M5 Motorway, therefore, it has been well over a century now that the company has been trading from its Bristol base – long may it continue.

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Images source from: http://www.horwood.co.uk/



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