Home Fragrance Review – Winter Woods by Landon Tyler

It is the Ed’s view that fragrance diffusers are the most effective in scenting rooms. They don’t involve burning; they don’t involve fine spraying chemicals into the atmosphere; and they don’t involve plug-in electricity. Though such fragrances are developed in the lab the diffusing format is natural: insert reeds sticks into the open bottle of fragrance, removing periodically and turning over placing them back in the liquid to refresh, and so releasing the smell molecules into the air in a way that is responsibly measured and ongoing for many weeks.

WINTER WOODS 100mlHighly Fragranced Diffuser
The presentation is luxury in appearance The Winter Woods reed diffuser spreads very well a predominantly pine scent which is nicely balanced by a hint of spruce/fir tree smell and winter spice. The fragrance omitted is not too subtle. The reeds are good quality and the diffusing function performs as it should, so the manufactured scent will reach the nose when nearby and will lift a room environment making it extremely pleasing inside. Note: Any product of this ilk (fragrance products for home or personal use) unless promoted otherwise, are manufactured using a mix of chemicals to achieve the desired fragrance and the right level of intensity for purpose. Warnings are on the labels.

Landon Tyler is a wholesale supplier high-end, luxury home fragrance brand. Prices start from £6 and are available in selected Boots, Waitrose, Beales Department stores, Garden Centres and Amazon. To find your nearest stockist please visit www.landontyler.com

Winter Woods is also available in candle products and gift sets.



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